Tea business is very much easy to Start with low investment you can sit anywhere in crowded area with little place. Where you can also offer many different kinds of teas on the menu that are real delight and taste are so good.

Tea business idea in Pakistan
Tea business idea in Pakistan


Tea is the most common drink all over the world especially in  Pakistan. Almost every Pakistani takes it at least twice a day. Very low investment required for this business. No any complex skill needed. you can easily learn it from your mother, sister or wife easily.      If you want to start just a small tea shop/stall as you see in most places is also great. You just start it. 

 How much investment do you need?

You can earn more than 1 lac per month by selling tea cups only. I will show you mathematics calculations. You will invest Rs 40,000 to 50,000 and profit margin is 40,000 per month by only selling 100 cups daily.

Let me the cost of making one cup of tea is around Rs 10 to 12 rupees. You can sell one cup of tea at a price of Rs 30 to 40 easily. You can get a profit margin per cup tea around 20 rupees. You can earn Rs 40,000 per month if you are able to sell more than 100 teacups each day.

Space for shop:

If you have your own space/shop in the market where you want to start your own Tea business then it is best, and if not then you take a shop on rent which you can afford easily. Take the shop in neat and clean area where your customer can come easily and feel good.

 Material Required:



Things Required


Tea making pan

Teacup 100 pieces

All Tea-making ingredients Tea leaf, milk, sugar, etc.

Gas Cylinder 10 Kg

Tea Vending Machine

Automatic Tea Making Macihine:

If you want to start this on a large scale than i highly recommend an automatic tea making machine.so that’s why if you open multiple stores at different locations all the tea taste the same. This same method is used by all the big companies in the world. 

                        MARKET RESEARCH


Firstly you will visit all the places in your cities where is more crowded area like a railway station, hospital, main market, universities, offices etc.


Visit other tea shops and see how many teacups they are selling in 1 hour (morning, afternoon, evening). Which tea brand they are using mostly. It will help you in getting good knowledge about Tea business in your area.

Market SURVEY:

Meet the customers of tea shop after they moved out of tea shop and asked them how much they like the tea here, what improvements they want in the Tea taste/Tea shop.

Choosing products for tea shop:

Firstly you will choose which tea product you want to sell then decide how much money you will charge for 1 cup of tea. Check out where to buy tea leaf, milk because you needed these regularly. Always try to buy from one shop it will help you in getting items on credit if you needed. Try to use pour and hygiene milk because it directly effects on customer’s health.

Improved if needed:

Before selling tea first make the tea and offer your friends and family members and get feedback and improve it if needed.

Focus on hygiene:

Before starting this firstly get all the things in your shop. Must focus on hygiene it will help you getting large number of customers. Clean your shop at least thrice a day or as much as you required. Use mask for safety issue. Clean yours hands and use disposable gloves. Use always clean pots.

Tea Types:

  • Black tea
  • green tea (for health conscious customers)
  • white tea

The other kind of tea like black tea, green tea, white tea etc. You can learn their recipes from internet (YouTube) easily. It’s totally free.


Best Tea Brands:

  • Tapal offers the best tea in the market
  • Lipton has an immense popularity among the people
  • Brook Bond Red Label's aromatic taste makes it popular among the people

Green tea:

Green tea is made from un-oxidized leaves and is one of the less processed types of tea. Its recipe is very easy you just boil 2 to 3 cups of water and put two tea spoon of green tea leafs in it boil it for few minutes and then add the milk if customer required and mixed the sugar or salt according to customer’s wish. Mostly drink in winters..

Black Tea:

It is most widely consumed drink in the world especially in Pakistan. People of different age consumed this drink very keenly. You just pour a cup of water in kettle and switch on the flame boil the water over flame until it reaches rolling boil and then put the tea leafs in the boiling water boil it for few minutes add some milk  then strain the tea in a cup and add required sugar to  your tea Drink it warm. 

White tea:

This tea is different from black and green teas in some ways. White tea leaves are not oxidized, unlike green or black tea. This is one of the most expensive teas out there, so you need to make sure that you use it to its full potential to get your money’s worth. One thing you must remember, though, is that you must ensure that the tea leaves you buy are fresh. You also want to buy loose leaf tea instead of tea bags because loose tea leaves release more aroma, flavor, and nutrients, because bags tend to constrict the expansion of tea leaves. So if you afford it easily then you can start this Tea business  after setting its price.


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