Chalks are used in various different sectors like education, construction, clothing, furniture, and plenty of additional. It’s essential for writing on boards in colleges. It’s been used since ancient period. You’ll be puzzling over the varsity days that several people used to play with the chalks and throwing chalk tiny items at one another.  Chalks are spherical shapes that are accessible in varied shapes (round, square, and hexagon) and colors (white, red, green, pink, and yellow).In general  he overall length of chalks is 75 mm and roundness is 9mm

You can start this business with small scale .It is very profitable business. You’ll earn high profits with low investment. The demand of chalk is powerful and growing. It doesn't need extra space in making. The raw materials is simply accessible

Business demand:

Almost 70 percent in educational institutions, chalks are used for teaching purpose on boards. Whether it's Urban or rural sectors all over chalks are used. It is also used in the textile sector for marking garments, furnishings ply board, tiles marking, and also in the education sector.

As the price of chalks is less, It is used in several developing countries for education teaching. So the demands are steady throughout the year. It’s a profitable small scale business idea which will be simply started at your home.

Required Budget:

The business will be started simply at your home for fewer than Rs 60,000. The investment is relying upon location and production amount. Basic facilities like electricity, facility, and proper location for raw materials are needed for the beginning of this business.


The best location for any business is near to the target market. The area needed is around 300 to 500 SQ FT. It includes the machinery and space for storing. A chalk generation organization would do fine once placed in urban region where there are various colleges and schools those utilize chalk a lot of the time.

Required Raw Materials:

Now if you have planned to start out this chalk business, then the main issue to understand is that the sorts of materials you'll have to be compelled to begin. Don’t be concerned you are doing not have to be compelled to search anytime relating to the price and different details, I actually have provided the small print below :

 Plaster Of Paris:

Commonly known as “POP,” this is the most basic raw material needed for chalk production. The chemical name for POP is carbonate, “Which is instant forms a hard paste once mixed with water. Excluding chalk production, it's conjointly used in hospitals for molding casts around broken bones

• Clean Water:

It's usually used  for  the mixture of all the ingredients, very common in all manufacturing business .


Oil is used as stuff throughout chalk production. That typically mixed with lamp oil the mixture is used to line the inside of the mold to avoid the chalk from sticking to the chalk mold.

• Colors:

Colors are needed as per your production for coloured chalk

• China Clay:

It’s conjointly known as mineral that may be a clay mineral with the chemical composition AlSiO(OH).

• Lubricant:

Oil is used as a stuff. It’s mixed with lamp oil to stop the chalk from sticking to the chalk mildew.


Clean water is employed for admixture POP.

• Color

Varied colors are needed to form colorful chalks. you'll purchase the colors consistent with the need.

Dustless powder:

• Molds used in chalk making:

The molds are the most important part in creating chalks. It’s accessible in plastic, rubber, and metal consistent with the assembly and budget. you'll use a wooden edge round the mold

   Paints brush for chalks:

It's used apply lubricants within the molds


A flat metal or hand tool is employed for scraping the surface of the chalk mildew.

   Dryer :

It's used for drying the chalk mixture when it's removed from the molds. It’s finished the assistance of electrical heating.

 Hand Gloves:

It’s used for the protection of hands during mixing the water with POP.

   Box :

The boxes are needed for packaging the chalks. 50 to 100 chalks are packed into one box.

Machinery required:

If you want to start a small scale business then you not need any machinery. Just need various molds. Large scale machinery is needed. There are two main kinds of machines: one is manual and other is automatic machine.

Manual Chalk creating machine types:

1 - Aluminum element chalk creating machine

2- Gunmetal chalk creating machine

The manual machine produces 4000 to 64000 chalk items per hour. One batch produces a thousand items. There are various parts in chalk machines like mold positioning switch, bearing block, frame, and spherical steel, tray bar.

Automatic chalk creating machine:

In this machine all the functions like, mixture of materials, filing, and removal of chalks is automatically done . Electrical clutch is provided for water facility. The automated machine produces 120000 to 150000 items per day. It saves labor and time, therefore, lower the production price. The price of this machine can be as high as 3 to 5 lacs and you can use it on large scale.


Chalk producing method:

Take a pop (plaster of Paris), carbonate and different additives like whiting agents or coloring agents and mix the whole ingredient with water to create uniform paste mixture. A smart quality mixture is needed to make brittle chalk for smooth writing thus you have to take care while creating a mixture for chalk. Use the lubrication liquid on molds, thus chalk doesn't persist with the molds while removing it from the molds. Pour the mixture of POP (plaster of Paris) and carbonate within the chalk molds .Allow it for 15 to 20 minutes to solidify. Once the mixture is solid, open the mold and collect the chalk from the mold, take away additional material from chalk. When removing chalk from molds keep it in daylight to dry for one to two days


The chalks are then packed into boxes consistent with the amount of items. The box could contain 70 to a 100 chalks. Also, the packaging and other details are mentioned within the box outer layer.

The proper composition of the mixture is needed whenever for even chalk making. You can make chalks in different colors and pack them in a very single box. You can manufacture a thousand chalk items at a time in different molds. There’s a 25 minutes break between varied batch creating for cleanup and filling.

Hire the trained person:

By hiring the proper hands, I mean obtaining the skilled workers concerned within the day to day production of your business. Your business will be successful when you will hire the trained staff who knows how to do his job well.

Profit and cost accounting analysis:

The Profit margins are around 20 to 40 % relying upon the standard of chalks. The load of one chalk is around five grams. From one metric weight of POP, you can make 250 to 300 hundred chalks.

The making price is Rs 80 per a 1000 chalks for simple normal chalks. The price is also higher for dustless chalk. You can earn Rs 15000 to 30000 per month depending on the sales and quality you're creating.

 Marketing and promotion:

You can begin marketing and promotion activities on various strategies to reach customers. The selling of chalks is started with the local market like stationary, colleges, offices, hardware outlets, and wholesaler’s agents. Also, you can visit near cities, villages, and towns for increasing the sales of your product. You can hire the person to manage the order assortment. Proper selling and promotion ought to be done concerning the new product in cello tape.