Potato chips are the most favorite snacks among individuals. Chips are increasing in demand. A large number of people like potato chips. Simply by invest small amount, you'll start with this business. You’ll begin this business from your home. You will invest little investment and you'll expect real returns, even within the initial stage.

On little scale you'll make,

                 French fries

                 Crinkle chips

                 Curly fries

                 Potato wafers,

                 Roasted chips

    And alternative sorts of seasoned snacks.

Now a days you can notice manufactures providing chips in wide selection of style and flavors as well as hot sauce chips, salted, sauce flavor, pepper flavor, bitter and sweet and far a lot of.


Potato chips demand:

There is a big demand of this business in interior and remote areas. Specially youngsters likes it a lot. It's a good  idea to begin little and develop the business regionally or in a very remote space before going in the large market, as putting in place a large-scale plant would require heaps of capital investment. 

Potato chips is one among such product that has associate huge potential as this can be thought about joined of the standard food. They are required to be made in a very scientific manner and underneath healthful conditions.

Investment/Profit Margin:

Potato chips business offers you very much better profit margins At little scale you'll begin this business from around three hundred $ including which fryer machine price around one hundred $, Cart / stall rent price around eighty $, other materials like Potato, Oil, sauces, salt seventy $.You can hire someone for the points if you'll manage it.

The profit ratio depends upon many factors such as, producing price, the kind of material you used etc. The profit ratio in this business should be around 30-40% meaning if you sell potato chips of one hundred $, the profit is of $ 50-70

Potato Chips business Setup: 

You will have to be compelled to have an area for the unit operation. Generally, a 700 square foot space is quite enough for beginning a little scale unit. However, it depends on the business size. You’ll also have to be required electricity and water facility. Carefully, choose the shop/stall for the business. There are some vital aspects that you simply should think about before choosing a location for the business like get shop/rent a store close to college, railway stations ,or any specific packed space wherever client reach is possible easily.

Raw material required for potato chips:

You are required different kinds of ingredients which will be intercalary to the chips as flavor, different types of potatoes, sweet potatoes, normal potatoes, added flavors, salt, pepper, flavored, contemporary vegetable oil etc. You can add sauces to enhance the taste.

Chips making machine:

You will be ready to find absolutely or semi-automated machine in present market for cheap worth. A number of them are portable varieties. Some varieties are cheaper as compared to others. On little scale you'll simply purchase a machine 250$ or a lot of. Other further equipment’s you'll want are

• Peeling machine with handy potato washer, deep frying  machine, dehydrating machine or de-watering appliance, slicing and peeling machine.

• You will invest cash in plastic trays, cutter, weight machine, fillers etc.

Automatic Potato Chips making Machine:

This small scale processing equipment consists of potato laundry peeling machine, potato slicing machine, blanching machine, lifting machine, dewatering machine, potato chips preparation machine, and deoiling machine, seasoning machine and packing machine.

Compared to large Potato chips production line, this little scale line has low one-time investment, low energy consumption, little volume, extremely ideal equipment for process potato chips.

Tips of success:

The starting cost of Potato chips business may not be much but you can gain good amount of profit from this business. If you wish a successful business then never compromise on quality buys branded products because quality matters a lot. And second you must behave well and build a friendly atmosphere at your shop/stall. Cleaning should be excellent. Use hand gloves .Hygiene your pots and everything. It’ll increase your customer reach and grow your business.