Social media consultant is in high demand these days. Social media consultant is mainly the voice of the company. It means a company needs someone who can raise your brand awareness, boost your bottom line and deliver traffic to your website. Social media consultants are always active in almost every social media platform. Social media consultant try to drive sales from social platforms by running the social media campaigns and improve engagements.

Required skills:

If you want to start your own Social media consulting business then you need to know about necessary social media consulting skills.

  •       You have complete information about how to use social media tools.
  •       You have ability to run paid social campaigns.
  •       You need to know about the settings of different social media accounts and pages.
  •       You have an understanding about social media branding and how to rank the post.
  •       You have the ability to maintain the brand’s voice.

·  You know how to make the post more effective across different social networks and how to run social media ads i.e instagram ads, Facebook ads, twitter ads etc. Social media consultants have a strong knowledge of email marketing.

Offer your services:

Find native tiny businesses in your space that you’re fascinated by serving to, and supply your services to them at a reduced price. If you've got no skilled expertise, you must take into account operating at no cost to create your portfolio. For instance, perhaps there is a tea cafe in your area that serves fascinating flavors, and you think that they will get a lot of traffic with social media exposure. You’ll be able to target them. 

Local startups and little business in all probability have a limited budget, and their needs won’t be that subtle. For instance, some clients can simply would like you to form Social media pages, schedule posts, and track engagement across platforms. You’ll even be asked to have interaction with users commenting or causing inquiries through Social media.

Determine your charges:

Initially you must establish your rates, payment schedule, and mode of payments. On average, a social media consultant charges $20 – $40/hour depending on their level of experience.

Choose your niche:

You must identify the types of businesses that you wish to serve. There are multiple niches within social media consulting:

·     Marketer 

Conceptualizes and manages paid promotions on numerous social media networks to increase customer growth, profitability, and loyalty

·   Generalist:

Possesses surface level information on content creation,community management, and ad management

·  Community Manager: 

Is the face and voice of the brand by engaging with customers, driving conversations, and increasing brand awareness.

·   Data Analyst: 

Studies knowledge and insights gathered from campaigns and provides suggestions to enhance future campaigns

Start freelancing:

You can start a freelancing career working for a wider set of companies, when you get some expertise below your belt with some local companies. Sites like Freelancer, UpWork, Fiverr, and Craigslist are best places to start out searching for a gig. When you get on these sites, you'll notice that some companies are  sorting out much  specialized Social media services

 Selling digital products:

Selling digital product like eBooks, PDF reports etc. is additionally an excellent way to diversify your revenue as a social consultant. Make sure that these product though, are frequently updated to incorporate the recent trends and findings relevant to your niche.

Social media consultant followers:

Social media consultants additionally do have a large number of followers particularly on Facebook and Twitter accounts in order that they can be followed and gain readers, these are their initial audience or customers through writing quality content, the content which can have a solution to solve a tangle.

Become Successful social media consultant:

Social media consulting business is not easy. You need to build your business from the ground up like any other business. Make sure that you have the necessary qualifications before you can sign clients. There’s a lot of hard work involved, but it is in high demand these days.If you want to become a successful Social media consultant than you need to follow these tips;

  • Make your portfolio in an impressive way who could take the attention of the client
  • Read about Social media consultants and managers, learn from them and implement a number of their methods
  • Produce and publish content that express your skills in the field of social media marketing
  • Create an engaging instagram account.
  • Be obsessed on your new venture and certify to pay time developing your own personal whole and on-line presence