Today we are going to talk seriously about the Boutique business Plan in the fashion business. Today we will tell you in detail about the benefits of starting a this business. A shop that sells fashionable clothes is called a boutique.

Nowadays everyone loves to wear nice and fashionable clothes, so starting this business today can be profitable. If you are designing fashionable clothes with your skill / workmanship and selling them at home, online, you can open a variety of boutiques.

Qualification for boutique business:

You must have a minimum qualification of 10 + 2 and you must have a certificate, degree or diploma in fashion designing courses . These courses are of different types which we have described in full detail below:

Design these Boutique Apparel & Accessories:

The minimum qualification to do this course should be 10+2 in this course you will be taught:

  •         From fiber to fabric
  •         Pattern making
  •         Fashion boutique management
  •        Draping
  •         Garment construction Fashion Illustrations
  •         Design development
  •         Extensive service ornamentation and embroidery
  •         Costing and Sourcing

Diploma required:

The duration of this course is 5 years. This course is suitable for those who want to be a part of the fashion, textile and accessories industries. This course is designed to help you improve your thoughts process and skills. In this course you will be taught;

  •         Pattern making
  •         Garment construction
  •         Fashion merchandising
  •         Computer aided designing
  •         Ornamentation

It is not necessary that there are only 2 courses required for this businessNowadays, there are such many people that open their shops by getting certificates, diplomas or degrees in fashion designing courses. It will cost you Rs 40,000-50,000. In the beginning you get a machine, a craftsman and some goods like threads, buttons, locks, boarders stuck. As the work progresses, so do your work and materials.

Suitable locations for this business:

  1.      Start your own home-based business
  2.       Open the stand-alone booth
  3.       Start an online boutique business

Home based boutique business:

You can open any type of boutique according to your budget. To open a boutique in your home, make sure that at least one part of the boutique room is open to the public. A home-based Boutique business can also be started at a low cost

Online boutique business:

In online business you can post your boutique designs on the internet on your own website or on an e-commerce website. You should keep an eye on the current fashion trends in the market. Check out the proper delivery service for your online booth. You need to upload Clear Images to online portal with their clear details.

Stand Alone Boutique:

The stand-alone boutique is a boutique with one location and one owner. You can start by renting a shop in the market or buying it. Licenses and documents are required for opening standalone boutique.

Costs and essentials for the boutique:

When opening a Boutique business plan, you need to keep in mind what big boutique you want to open, how much it will cost, and what you need to know about the boutique.


If you are talking about the area of ​​your boutique shop area it would be at least 100-1000 Sq ft. The price will depend on the economic status of your area when you buy a shop equal to this area. If you are opening a boutique in an expensive area and you have a 5,000 ft area, your shop's rent will be up to Rs.15,000-20,000.

Interior design:

The shop decoration and interior for the boutique is very meticulous. The front of the shop is made of glass so that people can see the clothes from the spring. Arrange sofas and couches for customer seating.

Boutique equipment list:





Clothing stands

2-3 sets



2-3 sets


Steam Iron



Outdoor Signage board



Floor carpet



Full size mirror



Boutique racks









Price  Approx.




Overlock machine



Single needle lock machine







Required staff:

You have to decide before opening how many people can you hire. It depends on the size and work of your boutique. Staff includes;

  •         Tailors
  •         Sales girl
  •         Designer
  •         Store manager(if required)

Required investment:

Your boutique shop rent, staff salary, cost of machines, equipment and the rest of the expenses together make your total investment Rs. 1,58,600- 3,13,600. Here we have stated the amount of investment according to a mid-level boutique. If you are planning to open at large scale, then the amount of investment can boost.

Profit margin:

Establishing this business and making a profit is not very difficult. Profit depend on what area your boutique is in,how much your rates are compared to the rest competitors. In the beginning you can earn Rs.35,000-40,000 per month. As the work of the booth grows, so does the work. Boutique business is one of the busiest businesses during the wedding season.

Where to buy / supply clothes for Boutique:

You will need to find a supplier. Whether you are establishing your own brand or selling a pre-established brand through your boutique, in both cases you will need to find a supplier for your business. You will also need supplier for raw material. There are many online and offline wholesale markets where you can buy some goods for boutique dresses at cheap rates.

Marketing your business:

You should keep in mind what are you doing in comparison to your other competitors that is distinguishing your business from the rest and growing your list of customers? You can promote your boutique online and offline . Google my business is a Google tool that lets you add your business to Google listings. Someone will search your boutique  name ,they will find all the information. The best way to promote your blog is through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. You can also advertise your business through pamphlets at your shop. You can also deliver it door-to-door by giving some money to the local newsman in your area.