How to open a small fast food restaurant | Fast food business

Fast food restaurant:

If you know how to make good and tasty food and at the same time have a good way of running your own business. A fast food restaurant or fast food shop business can be very lucrative for you. The fast food industry in our country has grown rapidly in the last few years. The fast food restaurant or shop business is a very profitable business.

You don't need any special education to do this business. The most important thing for this business is to build your skills. If you can make delicious food, you are considered qualified for this business. Fast food means delicious food that has been very well surveyed by you.

Fast food items:

These are some of the well-known fast food items who are very popular in our country. Many renowned companies have earned billions of rupees by selling fast foods. Such as McDonald's, Dominos, Subway, KFC Pizza hut etc.

·        Burger

·        Noodles

·        Sandwich

·        Pizza

·        Shawarma

·        Chips

·        Sandwiches

·        Fried chicken

·        Chicken nuggets


Location for fast food restaurant:

In your Fast food restaurant / shop business plan, space should be very important. Because location is one of the most important part of your business. The rent of any restaurant / shop depends to a great extent on its location. If your Fast food shop is located in a place where the number of customers is already high then this is very profitable for your business. Here are some suggestions on how to choose the location;

·        Schools/Colleges

·        Offices/Factory

·        Cinema/Theater

·        Bus stand/Train station



Basic infrastructure is important where you want to start your own Fast food business. It includes electricity, water, gas etc. These things are less likely to cause problems in your business.

 Required equipment:

These are the things that make your fast food business run smoothly.


  • ·        Ovens.
  • ·        Ranges and ventilation.
  • ·        Food processors.
  • ·        Mixers.
  • ·        Slicers.
  • ·        Food prep counters and cutting boards.
  • ·        Freezers and refrigerators.
  • ·        Safety equipment
  • ·        Paper napkins

The cost of the above mentioned equipment will be around 60,000-70,000. In addition to these basic items which should be in any restaurant or stall such as salt, pepper, turmeric, spices, vinegar, etc. The cost will be around Rs.10,000-20,000.


Required furniture: 




Quantity (approx.)

Price (approx.)

Table plastic


Rs 800 (approx.)

Chair plastic


Rs 100 (approx.)

Plastic dustbin


Rs 150 (approx.)

Total cost

Rs 6450

Profit margin:

The most important thing in your fast food restaurant business plan is profit. Profit depends on your hard work, which means you can make the most delicious food and serve the most customers. There is no season for fast food business, meaning your profits will be higher in winters and summers. Fast food is very popular among children today as well as among the elders. This means that the number of customers in the fast food business will increase significantly.

The cost of a restaurant business is high, but so is its revenue. Similarly, the cost of shop and stall is less, but its earnings are much less than that of a restaurant. The profit margins of the fast food business are 40% - 50%.The running cost of any Fast food business is the cost of its food cost, staff, rent and the cost of the license, etc. When these are taken out of the earnings, then the profit comes out.

 Fast food restaurant / shop marketing:

Marketing or promotion of any business, whether small or large, plays a vital role in its success. It means getting people to know about your business, so that they become your customers. This makes you better at business than your competitors, with the help of marketing you can attract more and more customers towards your business. 

In the beginning of your business, you can sell your fast food items at a lower price than your competitors. This will make your business better than your competitors, because more customers will come to you for cheap fast food. You will also give pamphlets.You have to market your business on social media like on Facebook and Instagram.Google Business Tool  is free tool through this you can run your fast food business online for free by putting it on google 

Most of all, marketing is customer satisfaction, which means you provide your customers with services and services that will satisfy your business needs to other people. You can also open your own fast food truck to grow your business. To get the most out of a food truck.

Tips for the fast food business:

Here are some tips to help you grow your fast food business.

  •        The name of your fast food restaurant, shop should be such that it attracts maximum number of customers.
  •         Your restaurant, shop or stall should be clean and tidy at all times so that customers will not have any problem with your fast food business.
  •         Plots, Spoons, Forks, etc used at your shop should be clean and tidy at all times.
  •         A businessman should always treat customers well, because customers are the ones who make the profit.
  •         Items used to make your fast food are seasonal to a considerable extent, so you need to be able to maintain your profits.
  •         Your employees must wear your fast food business uniform during service hours.
  • ·       The walls of your restaurant should be neat and tidy, not slick on the walls.

And we hope that your fast food business will grow exponentially and you will make a lot of money. Thank you very much for your valuable time.

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