How to start a mobile repairing business | Mobile repairing plan

How to start a mobile repairing business.

Mobile repairing business is considered to be a very good business in these days, Its demand is quite high and other things we don't need any degree for it.The number of mobiles and smartphones is increasing day by day and the demand for mobile phones almost all countries in the world with such a large population can never be less. We are going to explain everything in detail.

Growth of mobile repairing business:

These days’ mobile phones are the most basic need of everyone, whether they are poor or rich. The only downside is that some people buy smartphones and some people buy low cost smartphones. Nowadays everyone uses a log phone and it is a machine, so it can be easily damaged due to which it is better to repair the log instead of getting a new smartphone.

Required qualification:

There are no any specific qualification is required in the mobile repairing business but there are short duration courses that you can take in this field. First of all you have to be interested in smartphones and their parts. Repairing is easy and you can understand it very quickly. It is important to know all the parts and its software’s, so for all these reasons, doing a mobile repairing course is the best option.

Mobile repairing courses:

It depends on you what level and how many duration courses you want to take. Due to the high demand of this business, you will find information of many courses online. You can also choose to take this course wherever you want as these courses will teach you almost all over the world.

  • Dropped / physically damaged phones
  • Housing / chassis replacements
  • SP unlocking / SIM restriction removal
  • Flip or slide problems
  • Software up-gradation
  • Power on faults
  • Liquid damage treatment
  • Network problems
  • Software faults
  • Speaker / Microphone Faults
  • Charging Problems
  • LCD replacements / adjustments

Required experience:

You can join a mobile repairing shop or service center to gain experience and also learn practical knowledge, tips and tricks. If you are thinking of starting your own business then through this you can make contacts and also know about the spare parts market. It lets you know the ups and downs of the business. Work experience will also boost your confidence.

Market research:

Before starting a mobile repairing business, there are all the factors that you need to keep in mind while covering the market area. These factors will determine what your shop should look like and what area you want to be in. After analyzing the area, you will find out which are the services that shops in those areas are not able to provide and what you can provide, what is the price range, what offers and discounts you can give customers to attract. How many people are there in your area i.e. the area is crowded or not because there is always high demand in busy market.

Opening a mobile repair shop in an area that already has Smartphones shops can be a daunting task and it is important to pay close attention. In order to grow your business, you can sign contracts with your next mobile shop, which will also give you publicity that can quickly grow your customer base.

 Ventilated space/shop:

For mobile repairing business you don't need a big place, you can start this work from a small place and when you choose a place, you need to make sure that the place is properly ventilated as the repair work is in progress. This can be harmful for your body.

Required cost:

Before starting a mobile repairing business, you have to decide at what level you want to start a business. That is, who wants to open in the area, how many numbers of helpers and technicians are hired, who are providing services, How much equipment they are investing and how much stock they are already keeping. All of these things will add up to your budget and how much investment you need for the business. You can also trade with Limited Basic Equipment Tools and then you can stock up as the demand increases.

If you want to hire a technician from the start of the business you can pay a salary of Rs 8,000-12,000 then you can start this business at Rs 30000-50000 then as your business grows you get equipment and stock can increase. At the beginning you will keep the stock as per the need as the business grows so you can increase the stock and also the number of technicians and helpers.

Profit margin:

You can gain a lot of margin in mobile repairing business. Suppose, you have a business of 2 lac in a month then you can get 50% -60% profits. That is, if you do 1 lac business in a month, then Rs. They can make a profit of 45,000-60,000. In the mobile repairing business, the demand for mobile phones has grown exponentially, but we have never been able to do so. Therefore, it is not very difficult to make a profit in this business and grow the business properly.

It will take time to grow the business and become profitable in the beginning but if you provide quality service and quick service to every customer then you can make a name in your market. When your business is good and the demand for it increases, you can hire an expert technician to meet your growing demand.

Legal process:

If you want to start a shop or business in your state then you have to register the shop under the Shop & Establishment Act.These registrations can also be done online and  you have to register on the website of the respective labor department of that state.

Business Marketing:

Keep in mind that how many marketing strategies for your mobile repairing business will allow you to reach as many people as possible. You can promote your business online. Google My Business is a free tool  that lets you list your business on Google. Google My Business will deliver the name, directions , Phone number, Reviews, Ratings, images and all details of shop to your customers in one place.You can also do advertisement through pamphlets in your shop. If you can give them any discounts or offers, give them a try because any customer is very happy with it and even the right behavior is very good.

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