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 Juice shop business:

Juice Shop business is a new business that has become very popular nowadays. In the summer season, if you have a cold drink, it is fun. We need to build a good business before we can start any business only then we can be successful. Here we will give you all the information about juice shop business idea. You can found not only fruit but also many other things  in Fruit Juice shop such as fruit shakes,vegetable shakes mojito and snacks. This business is going very fast.

Required information for juice shop business:

You do not need any qualifications to open a juice shop business. Before opening the shop, read about fruits and veggies and watch juice making related videos. If you do not have the correct information, the mixture may be spoiled.You can do job in any running juice bar for getting experience. Knowing about the juice mixture is ​​very important in this business.

Market research:

Always do market research before starting Juice shop business only then can you make a profit in your business. Before opening a shop, make sure to check out the locality where you are opening your shop. Pay close attention to location for good reduction.

Cost and infrastructure:

You can buy or rent your  shop for your Juice shop business. The price of the shop will be according to the location. In addition to buying a shop, you will need a lot of equipment to run the shop. Here we are going to share the list of all the required essentials things with their price:

·        Juice mixer grinders

       (Price 1500-2000)



(Price 25000-40,000)


·        Steel counter

(Price 30,000-40,000)


·        Glasses

(Price 500-1000)


·        Cutter

(Price 50-750)


·        Peeler

(Price 200-300)

In addition, you have to create a menu for your Juice shop business and you have to decide the price of Jacques keeping in view your profit. The price of the shake should be such that the customer does not have any problem and at the same time you get a good profit.

 Offer additional things:

There are many other things you can offer in your Juice shop business. They will be charged separately:

·        Chips

·        Beverages

·        Shakes

·        Snakes

·        Biscuits

·        Chocolates

Profit Margin:

People nowadays prefer healthy food and drinks over fast food. As you know how many people have become health conscious nowadays. Whether it is summer or winter, this business runs all-round the year, so you will make a lot of profit in Juice shop business. Your profit will depend on your location and what kind of services you are providing to your customers. You can earn at least Rs 25, 000-30,000 every month. Focus on providing good service to your customers because once your customers are engaged, you will make a good profit.

How to Market juice shop business:

You can do advertisement through many ways like; you can call the local people of your neighborhood for the publicity of your shop at the opening time. A lot of people will come to your opening and soon your Juice shop will become very famous. You can also give pamphlets of your shop. You can also advertise through local newspaper from your area home by paying some money. Google My Business is a free tool from Google that lets you add your business to Google listings.

 Tips for successful juice shop business idea:

  • Always do it on the floor fruits and vegetables, not old. If the name of your shop has gone bad in the market, then the customers will come again.
  • Clean the fruits and veggies well before putting them in the mixer, otherwise your customer's health will suffer.
  •  Always make fresh juice. Never store juice because if you don't have so many customers, it will go spoiled, and your budget will be affect.
  •  Fruits and veggie for your shop will be available cheaply in wholesale market (recession) because you will find them there.
  • Keep rates low in comparison of your competitors.

 I hope you have found all the information about juice shop business plan in this article. And it’s the time to start your own business and to keep your future safe.

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