Hair salon business:

The demand of hair salon business is always in the market and therefore it is a very profitable business. Hair salon is a place where people come to avail all the services like hair cutting, shaving, massage and much more. In this age of rising inflation, everyone wants a good income. The best way to do this is to start your own business. Hair salon business is a good business option; the scope of making a profit is very wide. In this article, we will tell you the basics of how to start your own hair salon.

Salon Services:

In addition to hair cutting many other services are available in salon, you can charge a different price for these services like;

  • Shaving
  • Massage
  • Hair Spa
  • Oiling
  • Head Massage
  • Hair Wash
  • Hair Coloring


Required qualification:

To do this business, it is not advisable to pass 10th or 12th, but if you want to become a professional hair stylist, then these basic steps become mandatory. You can also do some professional courses to do hair business, such as hair styling and hair dressing course. If you wish, you can take online courses while sitting at home.

Required skills:

You need to have some skills that can make you a good Hair stylist, such as being creative, talk to people nicely. Alternatively you can work with another barber / hair stylist for some time to see hair cutting / hair dressing or get a diploma in hair dressing / styling from a college.


Your salon location is very important because it will determine how many customers will come in your salon. Open your salon in residential area then it will attract a lot of customers. When you open it in a place where there are many shops but no hair salon, then the chances of running your salon are very high. The benefit is your own space is that your costs will be lower. If you do not already have space, you will need to rent a space at least 100-1000 sq. ft.

Required material:

To set up your hair salon you will need a lot of equipment such as counters, chairs, scissors, shampoo and much more. You will find all this stuff in a big market in your city where you can find the goods at wholesale.

Furniture and appliance:

Furniture and Appliance


Mirror (full size)


Hair shampoo

Hair dryer


Face Cream and Lotion

Hair straightener


Face wash

Salon chair


After shave



Hair wax



Shaving cream



Surgical gloves



Hair gel

Hair clips



Shaving brush



Hand towel




Investment or cost in business:

The starting cost of little hair salon is almost $2,000-$3,000.It covers all the costs Land / space rent, helper salary and all the necessary equipment. At the same time you will have to spend some money on marketing your shop. Let people know about your shop and other deals. Bank loans play a very important role for any small or medium sized business. If you do not have your own investment, you can borrow from a bank.

Profit margin:

There are a lot of profits in this business because even boys nowadays have become quite serious with their hairstyles and looks. That's why customers always come to this business. You will have easily 50% profit margin. When you cut a customer's hair, your only effort will be use and whatever money you earn from that customer will be your income.


Here are key pointers in moving your business forward like; Shop Advertisement, Behave with your customers, that is, treat your customers and the benefits of the customers. You can promote your shop from many ways. Google My Business is a free tool from Google that lets you list your business on Google. Google My Business will deliver your shop name, shop directions, phone numbers, and data to your customers in one place. You can give your business ad in your local newspaper if you give your customer discount offers, then your customers will come to your store again and again.

Tips for your saloon business:

If you keep your saloon clean, it will be nice to see people and most importantly, a clean place is a healthy place, so it is very important to keep your saloon clean. Charge your customer a fair and reasonable price because then they will come back to you. You have to use good quality products. That will make your customer trust you, and that's why you don't have to buy cheap and low-quality products for saloon.

I hope this business plan will help you understand how you can start your own hair salon business.