Junk ticket business plan | How to start junk ticket business

Junk ticket business:

Junk tickets are bought and sold worldwide. Remember this work is become the permanent business. You can also collect them in large quantity. When it was collected, it was sold to a ticket buyer. This is a business that does not require much capital to start. Instead, start with a simple copy of a two-handed piece of paper. Most of the business correspondence between foreign countries and these two countries continues, and many people parcel out or send the registry .They are pasted on all these parcels. It became useless for them after they are used. They cannot be reused.

Two main types:

There are usually two main types of tickets;

  1. Government tickets
  2. Public tickets

 There are also two types of public tickets

  1.      Ordinary public tickets
  2.     Memorable  public ticket

Memorable Postage stamps are issued by the Postal Department on special occasions for special benefits.

Some of them are sold at exorbitant prices. The world's first ticket issued in Britain on May 12, 1840. Queen Victoria picture has printed on it. It costs millions of rupees. Similarly, another ancient British ticket now costs 182,000 British pounds.

How you make it reusable:

Soak it in water for a while to remove the useless ticket. It will go down automatically. Then keep it upside down so it doesn't stick. Paste the gum on them, which is easily available from the market. This way it is easier to get a ticket. If there is a slight mark of ink on them, remove it carefully. You can also remove it with a blade or ink remover. It will be reusable

Apply for each type of ticket separately. Put the same type of stamp on a single piece of paper. You will have an excellent book of it is ready. There are counter-ticket dealers in every country.

With a little effort you can grow your business very fast. This business can be started with very little capital without any special effort. If you are a keen of ticket collecting, this is the best business you can do.



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