Online business:

Online business is a business that is dependent on the internet. If you are running an online business then you are giving customers the facility to use your services at home and buy your products from you. They will not need to come to you or go to them. You can do this from the internet. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This is a business that you can earn from home.

How to do online business?

The best way to start an online business is to have a good and unique idea. The next step when it comes to online business is to decide market and the medium to reach this market. This means you have to decide what your product is and how to sell it.

Three main steps:

  1. ·        You can develop your own e-commerce website
  2. ·        You can affiliate (connect) with websites like Amazon or Flipkart
  3. ·        You can sell your product through Facebook page / Instagram store or any other social media website.

Online business from your website:

After deciding your product, you have to decide your domain name and brand name. A domain name is a name that you can use to identify a website on the Internet. Once the domain name is registered it is your turn to develop your website. After creating a website you have to list your products on your website. Take care of your product packaging and content quality.

Because your business is online, you will not be able to receive payment for any product on your own, so you have to be careful about your payment method. You have to have the method of delivery and prepaid payment for this. The last step is packing, shipment and delivery of leftover products. While packing, make sure that it is transported to the customer.

Cost and infrastructure:

An online business does not require much investment. This is a business that you can easily start your home without any investment. Today everyone has a laptop or a computer.  You can also do this from your home with just few things;

  • ·        Laptop or computer
  • ·        Internet connection
  • ·        Your products
  • ·        A place to keep products

This is a business that you can easily start at your own home. You just have to be investing some money for your product. This range of investment depends on which product you want to sell in the market.

Amazon seller:

If you do not want your own website then you can sell your products on their website by affiliate with websites like Amazon, Ebay etc. You do not need to register your domain name for this purpose. You can follow the entire registration process by visiting the website you want to join.

Profit margin:

Online business is in demand nowadays. From shopping to government work, everything now goes online. Online business has no fixed profit, it goes up and down. It may take some time for your product to reach people. If you sell a product that has no need in the market then you will not make a profit. When choosing your product, you need to keep in mind how many more sellers you have left over. Because you are starting a new business, you have to take special care of the competition.

Online business marketing:

Marketing is a must have, for any business, promoting any program. It is not possible to be profitable in a business without marketing. You can create a page on such a social media website to market your business. Facebook lets you create a free page for your business. Keep up the good content with your product so people can find out. You can tell your friends, relatives and acquaintances about your product and website on WhatsApp. You can also send regular emails to your customers so that they can get regular information about your product.


When pricing, make sure that the price of your product covers the entire cost and is not too high for your customers.

Deliver on time:

Whether you are doing business from your own website or from another website, you are responsible for the delivery. In order to have a good customer experience, it is important that you deliver your purchased products on time so that they do not receive any complaints.