Nail Polish: 

Nail polish making business has become popular over the years.Today, a variety of things are being used to beautify nails. Women allow their nails to grow for this purpose.The thing that adds the most to the beauty of nails is Nail polish.It enhances the beauty of the hands and its demand growing rapidly these days. It is a most popular fashion accessory.

There are others that just desire to have perfectly painted nails. They do not consider any other options. This business gives you an opportunity to earn. The money that you make with your enterprise will improve your life. In this article we talk about this business in detail. We will tell you what raw material and machine do you need for this business.

Make a plan:

Prepare a list of nail paints starting this business has the need of knowing all the colors of nail paints. You need to find out the different shades of nail paints in the market, the nail paints with different names such as: Falsies, decals, Top coats, polishes, and others. Depending on the kind of business, you need to use the best making material.

The type of nail paints that suits the nail polish business may also be identified from the color of the nail paints. By researching in the market you can get the list of the nail paints which are used by the nail polish company for their different types of nail paints. Get the best and affordable packaging material.




For any woman, nails are the primary part of her look. They need to be care for from time to time. There are different kinds of available in the market.

  1.  Crème
  2. Chrome/Metallic
  3. Matte
  4. Glitter/Shimmer
  5. Gel
  6. Holographic
  7. Neon
  8. Foil
  9. Pearl
  10. Magnetic


You can easily start this business with a capital of 20,000 to 50,000 rupees. You can easily sell five rupees worth of nail polish for fifteen to twenty rupees. There is a lot of demand of nail polish in the market. You could start your business with very little startup cost.

Making formula:



Ethyl acetate




Butyl acetate 

6 atoms of Carbon


12 atoms


2 atoms


Required raw material:

The method of its making is very simple and you can easily find its raw material in the market. You will also find it online. This is the easiest business in the chemical industry. Make sure the product you use to make it is the good quality product.

  • ·        Plasticizers
  • ·        Dyes and pigments
  • ·        Solvents
  • ·        Adhesive polymers
  • ·        Resins
  • ·        Thickening agents
  • ·        Ultraviolet stabilizers
  • ·        Container for packing


You have to learn how to make nail polish first. If you have studied chemistry, you can easily follow its formula. You can also learn how to make Nail polish with the help of many videos on the internet. You can take training by doing internship in a nail polish manufacturing company for some time. When you are trained to make it so you will know very well about all the things that are used in making it like raw material machinery etc.

Characteristics of good quality nail polish:

  • Try to make such nail polish that does not damage your nails.
  • The color should be well mixed in the polish otherwise the color will settle down after a while.
  • The color should be so strong that it does not deviate from normal functioning.
  • Let it dry within a maximum of two minutes.
  • Don't make it too thin otherwise it will spread on the fingers.
  • Don't spoil the color even if it's in a bottle.
  • It should be one that sticks firmly to the nails don’t get down with soap etc.
  • All this is possible when you use pure and suitable ingredients in making it.

Required machinery:

You will need some special machines to make it like stainless steel boilers, chemical blenders, weighing balances, laboratory devices, and automatic liquid filler machine. Water and electricity facility should be available at your location.


Product pricing is a very important part of any business success.First you have to look at your computers in the market to see how much they have priced their product. First you have to look at your competitors in the market to see how much they have priced the same product. It is better to keep the low prices in the beginning so that you can get more customer attention. Gradually you can increase the price of your product but not much.


You will need small transparent glass bottles for its packaging. Good quality brush is required for closing the nail polish bottles. You can buy glass bottles of your own choice in the market. All you have to do is stick to your logo and brand name, in order to become a distinct identity in the market.


You need to contact distributors and resellers who will sell your products in the market. You have to pay them a good commission so that they are interested in selling your product. You can also sell your product through social media radio, newspaper etc. You will need to create an online store for this purpose. Google my business is a free tool with the help of this tool you can grow your business widely. People are very interested in online shopping.


There are many ways in which you can discover your skills and make your future brighter. Nail polish making business has become popular over the years. The main reason of growth in the industry is due to an increasing number of women’s growing interest in their appearance. I hope you succeed in this business very soon.