An Eco-friendly small business is a great way to combine your commitment to the environment.In this article we're going to explain some best Eco-friendly small business ideas that can easily returns good income.

Opening a sustainable restaurant: 

Our first Eco-friendly small business idea is opening a sustainable restaurant. Restaurants are definitely one of the most popular types of small businesses across the board, and Eco-friendly restaurants are blowing up across the country. Examples include bare burger, the Eco-friendly burger joint popular on the East Coast; Root Down, a wind energy powered restaurant in Denver; and Mixt, a restaurant that serves organic salads and sandwiches.  

Eco friendly business ideas 2021
Eco friendly business ideas 2021


To launch your eco-friendly restaurant, work with local farms to source your ingredients, try offering a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, and offer recyclable packaging. Some little changes, such as offering compo stable cutlery,  keep your customers happy.

Electric scooter rentals:

Our second Eco-friendly small business idea is Electric scooter rentals, of course. You've probably seen scooters from Bird and Lime in your home city or places that you visited. These California-based companies have raised millions of dollars in venture capital, but that does not mean that there isn't room for smaller operators. In fact, 10 electric scooter companies are currently operating in Chicago's scooter pilot program.

Every time someone uses a scooter, it cuts down on the number of car trips and the amount of congestion and pollution. To get started, you need to find a manufacturer of electric scooters that will sell to you. And start small, in just one town or city. If you provide great customer service and a safe and fun scooter experience for customers, you'll soon find yourself expanding to new locations.

City bike tours: 

Then take our third Eco-friendly small business idea, city bike tours, for a spin—pun intended! Instead of a gas guzzling tour bus or van, customers will bring their own bike or rent a bike for the tour. And if you don't want to rent out bikes yourself, you always have the option to partner up with a local bicycle shop.

Your only job is to offer fun and interesting insights about tourist sites, cultural sites, and scenic stops. You can easily advertise these tours on Facebook or promote your business at local events that attract tourists. In fact, one company, Bike, currently operates in three dozen countries.

Creative green pruner: 

For the creative green pruner, recycle tech is the place to be. This is our fourth Eco-friendly small business idea. The challenge here is to transform something old and used into something fabulous. Great examples include California-based Green Toys, a company that produces children's toys out of recycled milk jugs, and Bionic Yarn, a New York company that turns ocean waste into apparel and other consumer goods.

Green cleaning: 

Green cleaning is our fifth Eco-friendly small business idea and a pretty easy one to put into practice with sites like Task Rabbit and Handy. Launching a home cleaning business is as easy as a few clicks, but how do you stand out from the hundreds of other people offering the same services in your area? Easy!

You offer to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Green cleaning products avoid the use of toxic chemicals, which can emit compounds into the air and cause health problems. And—bonus alert—green cleaning products usually double as kid-friendly and pet-friendly, so your customers will be happy and come back for more.

Solar panel installation:

Solar panel installation is definitely a business with a bright future. The solar energy industry is growing at a rate of 50% year over year, and employs more than double the number of Americans now compared to 2012. As an installer, this Eco-friendly small business idea isn't as capital intensive as solar panel manufacturing.

In fact, if you're able to establish good connections with wholesale suppliers of solar panels and tools in your area, you can get a large number of sales leads rather quickly. Just make sure to check if your state has specific licensing requirements for residential or commercial solar panel installers. And we're rounding out our list of the best Eco-friendly small business ideas with green consulting.

Green consulting:

Green consulting is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to get involved in sustainability, but might not have the budget to open a shop or source the product. With green consulting, your biggest asset is your knowledge. You get paid to advise other businesses and individuals on how to reduce their carbon footprint. Of course, if you're interested in green consulting, make sure you have the know-how and training that your customers will expect.

For example, there's a whole network of consultants that help builders, real estate developers, and construction professionals build environmentally sustainable homes. All you need to do is find your niche.These are all seven best and easiest Eco-friendly small business ideas.

I hope this article will definitely help out you people running a successful Eco friendly small business. Thanks for reading, everyone.