You may have seen many stalls in the market Like KFC, many times you must have gone to KFC. Many different types of stalls have come like AFC, BFC, CFC, DFC, EFC which are the replicas of KFC. Some have more good food than KFC Some have like KFC some have very worse. But at some point, you must have thought that can I open such a stall, shop. In this blog post i am going to give you complete information about fried chicken business plan like KFC. 


Fried chicken business plan
Fried chicken business plan



You have to select the menu carefully. If you want to get to know about the menu then I will recommend you go to every place where fried chicken is available Like KFC AFC, BFC, CFC, all of which are available at your local. You can go there and try the taste can see the menu can take the photo of the menu. No one will deny you to take a photo of the menu so according to me, the menu should be like this First, should be all the dishes related to fried chicken like chicken nuggets, joint pieces, everything like chicken burger etc. You can add chicken Pakoda is well in it because many guys have the requirements of Chicken Pakoda.

You can sell it for 5,10, 15 rupees per piece. Burger all types of burger Mention all types of Burger you can make of chicken and veg double tower burger, single, triple tower burger Veg burger's, potato burger's Chicken burger's, chicken nugget burger's. Many are there, you can see which you can make third menu will of Pasta how many types of Pasta you can make with red sauce with white sauce with veg, non-veg, mix Prawns, egg, chicken, fish depend on the menu of the pasta. You can keep a menu on spaghetti because i want to enlarge your menu so that your customer comes, see but doesn't go at least the customer will buy something. Then Sandwiches different types of sandwiches, again you can see others menu or online which kinds of sandwiches you can make With white bread, brown bread with cheese, mayonnaise, extra cheese depends on what kind of you want to make This is your food menu


Now comes to beverages beverages like soda, types of soda, soda lemon water depends on how many varieties you put in soda cold drinks, either pepsi or you will tie-up with coke milk-shakes, you have to make at least 5-6 types of milk-shakes or at least 10 different types of cold-coffee milkshakes. Cold coffee is easy to make. If you work well on it so it will be good for you.


You can keep the Ice-cream of different types. A course is also there on making varieties of Ice creams, enrolling in this course, and then you will have good knowledge.

 Choose the cook:

You can definitely do this business, anyone can do this business but the condition is you must have the knowledge of cooking first, become a good cook. Because your menu will be limited and if you keep doing practice on a limited menu, you know its recipes. So you can become a very good but becomes such a cook who can make such limited dishes in a very good way YouTube has many tutorials or you can join any cooking class. You have to become a good cook I will not recommend you to pick any cook from the market in your restaurant. Then you will depend on him because 2 things are possible on it 1st. your business will depend completely on your cook Reviews, because if the cook is good you will get good reviews you will not get good feedbacks if the cook is not good and your business will stop. It is much better to try it by yourself than depending on others Do it by yourself because obviously, it is your business


Second important point is location, choose such a location where the moving of people keep on going like a busy market place. You need a small place for all this 10/10 you know 5/5 or 20/20 room you should need. You need a small room i will suggest that it will be at road facing or market-facing or at any public area Where many people come on a daily basis. If you do not get such a place so you can try it hub because many companies live together at the IT hub.  People always search for good food there because very few people bring food to IT hubs bachelors that are why.

Choose such a place where many housing societies are with each other housing society in the sense  at least 2000-3000 family lives in that society. If such 5 to 6 housing societies is in your proximity so it will be good for your business, you have to become a good cook If you learn how to make good food You have to choose the location after that the location should be solid If the location is solid, your food is good you will get good reviews and feedback.

 All these points include in 1st point Now, you will say how we get to know whether we are making good food or not first and for most. When you feel that you have learned cooking well arrange a party at your house or at a friend’s house serve your food and just tell them you have ordered from the outside. If people tell you it is better than average or good then you can tell them that you have made it.  And what is your plan if people tell you that it is very worse food don't buy it again from here then go home, don't be demotivated, try again to make better than that.


When all such process has been finished you are the master of the art You have selected your place You have even paid for it. Everything has been sorted out 2nd point will be registrations. Which is a food license, trade license, and shop license.

Make the interior eye-catchy:

Now just we have to put inventory and have to sell foremost important people will come to you by looking at this that is looks how are the looks of the setup. You have selected if you think you will put white paint, pink paint, and blue paint.  I will say don't do that because here your 70% business will be lost. People from far away will look and will say it is not looking good at the same point if your interior is good graphically like Graphite Search on Google and click on images. I like graphite's maybe you like something. So make the interior eye-catchy like when someone watches it from far he/she will attract to it. The board of exterior that will be placed outside Catchy the signboard of the exterior. I will recommend you to do hire a graphic designer. You will find a graphic designer on Facebook groups search graphic designer groups on Facebook you will get many groups join. Any group there you will get a graphic designer can talk to them can see their work.


The cost is going to be here i will not say you that invest 1 Lakh rupees and you will get 10 Lakh per month. I am going to explain you step by step process. Maybe today invest 1-2 Lakh and in future, you can do 10-15 Lakh business. I am not giving any guarantee of that but if you follow this process you will start doing business from day one.

Chicken machine:

What inventories you are going to buy see the knowledge i have, because after researching so much i am sharing this information with you. We used to make such fried chicken at home but an oven comes for it search your location in close proximity you will get the manufacturer 2 or 3 types of the oven come in it for fried chicken only. One particular oven is available whose heating capacity is so high. It runs on electricity, not on the gas. You see it according to that go to the manufacturer, put your recipe there, and check your work is in progress or not. One claims you for buying this fried chicken machine and when you will see it and not working like that. There is no benefit Costing start from 25000 to 1, 80,000/2,00,000 depend on the number of treys, capacity, quality, of the machine.

They used to make and supplies all over second thing is the exhaust which matters a lot because without exhaust it will be smoke inside. You should need industrial exhaust Costing of industrial exhaust starts from 10000 to 80000 Rupees. I think your shop will be small so according to that Costing is 10 thousand to 80 thousand again its depend on its features. You can see accordingly to your budget. The fried chicken machine seller will have the exhaust facility. Then you need a de-fridge and a fridge again many companies for de-fridge like Voltas can buy it according to your requirements.

Required furniture:

Never buy the plastic furniture the use and throw one or the regular use Like i don't want to take the name of any brand. If you have spent that much on the setup so pay attention to furniture on well. You can choose iron or aluminum can do of eye-catchy wood depend on, like if you spent a little bit on the interior designer so it will be great. I am not saying to go to well established interior designer go to Facebook and search for something like Startup. So much startup groups will come Click on any group and tell you need a new interior designer. You will get such startups at a cheaper rate which will provide you such service at a very low cost.

Make a website:

You have to make a website cost you 3-4 thousand, not more than that go to google, search for google development companies, many websites will come if your any friend is software engineer they will design a website for you. It hardly cost you 2-3 thousand rupees. You can make Facebook pages free work.  You can also tell a graphic designer for the logo and cover photo for your Facebook page. You have to make an Instagram page also. And with that Google business-like like when you type anything the relevant pages will come Google maps will show any shop name you type in your proximity. Same like that if you want to register your business with Google then click on Google maps for business. Click on that link and fill their form they will review by themselves by sending a post via postman sometimes their guy come to you.

Offer discount:

I will say from the first day give a 50%  discount lose your own, gain customers by giving a 50% discount. Because what i do whenever i order a burger. I have one fixed shop i used to order from them because I like its taste. I don't want to try out with any other shop. Food panda will apply their own discount then you will get to know your food has reached, customers will give reviews obviously, good reviews will come give a reply to that review take a negative review as feedback, try to make yourself better Keep doing till then you don't get good reviews. Run an offer in starting 2-3 days then remove the offer from your menu card i hope you will get 50-60 orders per day from the starting day.