I am going to share with you an awesome T-shirt printing business plan and Profit margin business idea,  where you can earn 100000 rupees per month easily. If you want to learn this business idea completely. So read this 7businesstree.com blog post carefully from start to end. 

T-shirt printing business plan and Profit margin


We all come lot of business ideas in our main but unfortunately  more negative thoughts also come like i don't have more money, skill and place  that we can establish it. 

Today i am going to share an awesome T-shirt printing business plan and Profit margin business idea. You should not need to establish it. No more skills, rupees and place. You can establish it in little bit amount and anywhere you want.


You would be listen about T Shirts printing. But, they don't know that is huge business where you can earn you want. Becoming a question in your mind that how many earn money from here?  Normally, 400-500 rupees be charge per shirt. If you get 10 orders in a day then according to 400 rupees, you will earn 4000 in a day. 4000x30 days is equal to 120000 rupees.  

You can earn 120000 in a month that easily. It was startup. There are little bit chance to decrease your orders. These are increase with passage of time because,  any ​ person who likes T-shirt he want to wear new design. When he will be known about T-shirt printing business plan and Profit margin he will come to you for print his t shirt. If you get 20 orders. You will earn 8000 according to 400 rupees. 8000x30 days is equal 240000 rupees. Then, you can earn 2,40000 rupees per month.

To establish this business, you have to need only heat press machine which is called “Heat press printer" or " T-shirt printer". You can't print only T-shirts, with it, you can print plates, mugs and mobile covers. You can understand, it is a huge business. 

If you will get orders of all them, you can earn 240000    instead of 500000 per month. This machine is available in market. You can buy it anywhere online and offline. The price of this machine is 20000 to 30000 rupees. You will get printer, papers and ink etc in this package. 

Next point is that how we can grow T-shirt printing business plan and Profit margin. It's depends on you where you want to grow it. If you want to grow it on local base. You can download design of T-shirt. But, i recommend you that please changing of color and shape in download images. Because, when your designs will be different against competitors then your chances will be increased to get more orders. 

If you want to grow this on worldwide then you have to create an e-commerce website and upload self-T-shirt designs on it. While, you will receive orders you have to deliver orders in specific time. It was the T-shirt printing business plan and Profit margin business idea starting with small scale investment in a short span of time. Hope you will like it.