Goat farming business plan in Pakistan

Goat farming:

To fulfill the needs of meat in our country goat farming is necessary. Goat farming is very profitable business that’s why one who puts his hand in it succeeds.It is relatively easy for unemployed people living in rural areas to take or work. Open air atmosphere is required for goat farming which is well available in the villages. In addition, it would be easy to get fodder and food for the goats. Not only we fulfill the demand of the meat from goat farming, a goat's milk is obtained. We also make brush, rugs and many other domestic items from goat’s hair. And make a good profit by selling them.

Goat farming business plan in Pakistan

Apart from this, their skins are also sold at a very good price. There is no such thing of this animal that does not have to sale. Even the intestines coming out from their stomach become sale. Goat's daily diet is easily available at a very low price. The goats mostly fill its stomach by eating green grass, raw vegetables, trees leaves, and different herbs. It is more beneficial to build a goat’s farm in this place where there is a natural pasture nearby. By adopting this wonderful profession people living in mountainous areas, along with the services of country and nation can make a good profit. People living in the rain forest areas also join this profession on a business basis and can earn handsome income.

Necessary guidance:


  • We need at least one canal of land for goat farming. It has four walls so that there is no external entrance. Goats can move safely and freely inside the farm. In addition, the building has built on half of the land so the goats can be protected from weather effects such as intense sun, rain and blind.
  •  You will have to hire a staff for farm cleaning who clean the farm on the daily basis and the employees will be obliged to feed the goat on time.
  • Collecting goats after making a farm is an important task. Only buy those goats that are famous to give more meat only select goats of this breed.
  • The goats need to be healthy. Don’t keep any unhealthy goat in the farm immediately take this goat out from the farm. Add another healthy goat into the farm instead of this one. 
  • You will also need female goats for its growth and reproductive genocide. Female goat needs to be healthy and active. If female goat health is good there will be good genocide. you can easily found good quality female goats from government livestock farms
  • In general, one male goat is enough for fifty female goats (nannies). But then there must be two male goats (bucks) instead of one. Special attention needs to be paid to the diet and health of these male goats(bucks).
  •  Feed the female goats (nannies) well and at the right time. Arrange for them to drink clean water. The water should not be stagnant or dirty. If green grass is not available in any season than provide the leaves of the trees to them. Cactus tree leaves are very beneficial for them.
  • If there is no natural pasture near the farm, then you will have to arrange food inside the farm. In addition to green fodder, you can give up this feed to the goats. It will prepare with less money and the goat will be in good health.


Wheat straw-------3 kg

Dry beetroot-------950g


Cotton seeds------3kg

  • Goat-goat sexual intercourse according to the weather and for this purpose March, April, May, September and October are the best months.
  •  Choose the goats whose weight between 20-25 kg for better fattening. Do proper attention to the goat whose weight is not increasing properly.
  • Take special care of farm cleanliness. Pay special attention to cleaning of farm during the rainy season. Take out the goats from the farm and do antibiotic spray.
  • Arrange an expert veterinary doctor at the farm for taking care of the goat’s health. So that the goat can be medically treated from time to time.
  • When you see that your goats are ready for sale in the market so you can sale them at a good and reasonable price and also buy new goats for your farm.


Goat farming business is a very good business because it generates quick income. If you want the best goat farming so you have to be very prudent in buying animals. Pay special attention to their diet and health. If you take care of these things then so you will never lose business and they will succeed in a short time.


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