When you are an editor, your job is to edit your business documents without changing the way people see it. This can be a bit challenging because of how much editing and proof reading is involved in this field. However, if I had to pick one thing that could make my life easier, it would be that of editing my books. 
Editing and proofreading business idea
Editing and proofreading business idea

As a result of being an avid reader, when I see my books, I often get lost in them. I find myself not knowing what exactly I am supposed to do with my book while simultaneously trying to figure out how to write one. These moments of “looseness” can also be productive, especially if they allow me to think critically and critically about the text.

I have been working on something for quite some time now and I’ve come up with a unique idea for why making this type of work will work.

The role for my editor is to go through my novel and identify where the problems lie within my writing. These problems include things like overusing adjectives/adverbs and not giving enough context. My editor then needs to re-write the entire paragraph structure as to be able to match my point exactly how it needs to be presented and understand exactly why I used such words. For example when identifying the problem of using too many adjectives/adverbs a good editor will know that this type of sentence structure is a no brainier – it has already been done before. 

However, my editor does not understand why I only use two (or three) adverbs, she might need to stop using them altogether. In a perfect world I would never ever have to edit my book again. No doubt this type of editing would be very helpful to anyone who needs help in that area of their life. I hope this helps explain my idea for making this type of works. I am excited by the amount of questions regarding this process, let me explain why I believe this approach is worth looking into.

The first question that comes to mind is a legitimate one that we all want to answer. That’s right… what does it mean? I believe the best person is always going to be someone who is knowledgeable about something, that is not always the case. This could be our editors who just want us to throw one word after another. Or maybe even one word after another. Whatever it is, to the editor, that word will happen anyway. By not throwing any ideas out there that may not suit what was intended the most, we may not end up having to start from square one. This makes us feel more confident about our own abilities to write.

Now as someone who has written hundreds of pages and has never gone under the editing line, I’ve seen firsthand how quickly the edit process takes. Then I follow up with an email to say, “I’ll be putting anything I feel needs to be changed… you will see in the future,” and then I forget the rest of the things that don’t change until I am finished. I will write down the words that need changing, and then I will rewrite the article a week later. With this process I hope to come up with what I believe can improve my novels. Some may even say this is what makes my job easier. That seems pretty simple, but all I know is that I believe the process is essential for becoming better writers. 

The next part of the process involves finding out exactly where the issues lie and working on them in order to fix them. Finding all the problems and rectifying them is a major task but with repetition, my editor can easily correct everything that needs to be corrected. My editor will go to each word and either give it a new meaning or take something out that is not needed in the conversation. After they have taken what they deem is necessary and done the hard part, the last step in the editing process is proofreading.


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