Tissue paper:

Tissue paper business is one of the easiest business any entrepreneur that is focused can go into. It is a business where you can make profit in a short time while due to the fact that tissue is an essential commodity that is used in everyday affair. This blog post is a complete sample of Tissue paper manufacturing business plan. 

Tissue paper manufacturing business plan
Tissue paper manufacturing business plan

Tissue papers are an essential need for people throughout the world they were used both domestically and commercially for different purposes. Today we are going to explain about how to start a tissue paper business its and Manufacturing process along with a detailed business plan.

The Tissue Papers are classified into two different of the following  categories

  1. Consumer Tissue Papers
  2. Commercial Tissue Papers 

1. Consumer Tissue Papers:

The Consumer tissue papers are used specifically for domestic purpose. Mostly within the home the Consumer tissue papers are used

2. Commercial Tissue Papers: 

These are mainly used for the following:

Napkins, facial tissues, paper towels, and toilet papers. So they are used in the following places like hotels, events, parties, homes, restaurants, offices and beauty parlors. 

Use of Tissue Papers:- 

  • It is used in beauty parlors
  • It is used as a paper towels
  • It is used as a wrapping tissue
  • It can be used as toilet tissues
  • It can use as a Table napkins

Tissue paper manufacturing business:

Tissue papers are made from these three raw materials

  1. Chemical pulp
  2. Mechanical pulp
  3. Recovered paper

These raw materials are made into Bathroom tissue, paper towel, facial tissue, wrapping tissue, paper napkin. The quality of the tissue papers might vary depending on where it is intended to be used, like its porosity, absorption, tensile strength, coarse nature, and tactility.

Basically, the tissue paper industry has two major categories known as At Home and Away from Home. At Home tissues which are also called consumer tissues are mainly used for domestic purposes, while Away from Home are used mostly for industrial and commercial purposes.

You can sell bulk Tissue paper Raw Material to Tissue paper Making Companies

First of all you would purchase bulk amount of tissue paper rolls directly from the manufacturing companies and sell them to tissue paper making companies. In this type of business, you will be reacting as a distributor or a supplier between the paper manufacturing company and the tissue paper company, so you need to be very smart at marketing and supply chain.

Investment of Tissue Paper Making Business:

The investment and operation costs to start a tissue paper business depend upon the type of item that you were producing. For example, if your company manufactures 2PLY thickness normal toilet paper which is usually available in supermarkets then you just need an investment of up to 15 Lac. You will cover machinery, raw materials, wages to workers, and rent for the building. Again, this is just an average estimation value based upon production capacity it can be more or less.

If you would like to produce different types of tissue papers then you need to purchase different machinery and raw materials which can cost significantly. But you have a chance to increase your business meeting several customer needs.

Tissue Paper Making Machine:

This is the main item of your business. The minimum price of the machine ranges from 5 Lac to 10 Lac.

Most of the tissue paper machines come with a fully automatic process. You can adjust the product capacity, speed of the process, and cutting sizes of the paper material according to your choice. The price of the machines totally depends upon its capacity, type of operation (Automatic or Semi-automatic), and the prices also vary depending on the type of tissue Paper material it works on and other features like coating, embossing, and folding methods.


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