Aloe vera juice making business plan – Aloe vera industry

Aloe Vera is such a natural
product that which has always a high demand in the market. Aloe Vera gel is the
most beneficial  product that you can
produce from aloe Vera leaves. There are two biggest reasons for its high demand.
Aloe Vera is famous as a medicinal plant. Aloe Vera is used in cosmetic
industry as well as medicine manufacturing. 

Aloe vera juice making business plan
Aloe vera juice making business plan

  1. Firstly, due to health benefits it is in great
    demand in the food industry
  2. Secondly, its demand in the cosmetic industry
    is also very high.

Along with being rich in vitamins and minerals It
also has antibiotic, anti fungal properties due to its properties, usefulness, Aloe Vera is popular all over the world today. The species of Aloe Vera with
high productive potential are also available which are used for a variety of
healing and regenerative properties. The demand for its juice is very high in
the market so let’s talk today about Aloe Vera Juice manufacturing business

Raw material required for making Aloe Vera juices:

You can earn big profits by trading. The raw material that you need to make an ALOE VERA JUICE are-

  • Fresh aloe vera,
  • Dry aloe vera
  • Pet bottles
  • Packaging materials

Now let’s know, how many machines
you will need to process these raw materials. As far as machines are concerned,
you need- Crusher Machine Boiler Chiller Anchor with Motor Filling Machine
Capping. Machine Cap Sealing Machine Shrink Wrap Machine Along with machine
some equipment like- SS Tank Mixer Tank Food crates etc. will also be required. 

These machines the area you will need that would be around approx. 1000-1500
Sqft. area in which storage area, production area raw material section is also
included. And in this area, to run all the machines the entire plant the
manpower you will require- 2 skilled, 2-3 unskilled, 1 supervisor other workers
are included that means, with a total of 6-8 people you can start this business.

Now talk about the electrical
load required after setting up the industry then you will have a requirement of
about12-15 kW electrical load.  Before
starting the process, let us tell you that if you are new to this business or
want to start it, then you can outsource aloe vera pulp after that you have to
filter those pulp with the help of filtration process. 

That all its impurities
are removed in the next step, they will be boiled with the help of a boiler and
will be kept in the chiller to cool down.  After cooling the juice, transfer it to the
mixing tank and mix the other additives. Then transfer the juices from the
mixing tank to the filling tank where they will be packed into pet bottles with
the help of the machine.

Now the bottle of juice is ready print
your brand name and other details on it. Supply it in the market now it is the
turn of financials i.e. investment and profit. When we want to start any
business, first of all we want to know that to start this business, how much
investment we will need? And how much profit we can earn from this business? 

start aloe vera juice making business on small scale the machines you will need
it will cost around Rs. 18-20 lac and in 8 hours shift throughout the day, if
you produce 1000 liter product on small scale. And if you sell it at wholesale
rate for about Rs. 80 per liter then the sale value of your production is about
Rs. 80000. After removing the raw material and other cost from this you can
easily save about 10% margin i.e. Rs. 8,000 (approx.) that means on this
capacity, you can easily earn approx. Rs. 2 lac in a month.

Your licenses is the foundation of your
business and to start this wonderful business licenses will be required. You
have to obtain several registrations and licenses from the Govt, authorities to
start this business especially when you produce value-added items such as
cosmetics and medicated products.

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