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Biryani business is such a business in which there is no loss. People who are associated with the food profession and sell quality product in the market are too much famous among the people. People from far and wide come to their restaurant. Nowadays, this trend is becoming more and more prevalent that there are so many offices where public dealing is common, outside their offices so many food seller are selling their food items and many customers are buying them. 


Biryani business idea in pakistan
Biryani business idea in pakistan


I have
seen it often a man has cooked a nice and delicious biryani from his home with
chutney (yogurt) and shami kebab, more and more customers are coming to enjoy
their biryani because of its taste. In a very short time his biryani sold. The
cost came on making biryani you can get very good profit on it in a very little

first condition of this business is that biryani should be made with good
quality rice and make an expert cook. Spices should be used properly so the
flavor of the cooked biryani doubles. According to my experience many
youngsters after failing to get a job started this business so in a few days
their financial condition has improved. Business is the best way to earn
a living
if you choose the right path according to your investment
so this business is definitely profitable.

Types of biryani business:

can make different types of biryani like;

  • Chicken biryani
  • Mutton biryani
  • Beef biryani
  • Fish biryani
  • Vegetable biryani

Biryani ingredients:










garlic paste

masala/Biryani masala

juice (optional)

 Equipment &


  • Burner
  • Utensils
  • Plates
  • Cutlery sets
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Gas cylinders
  • Glass/Water jug
  • Slicers as well as dishwashers 

and profit margin:

You can start biryani business with
the minimum investment of Rs. 1, 00,000 from your home. And if you want to rent
a shop in a crowded area so the rent of the place will be according to the
location. It would be better to start biryani business with the small scale
first. Until you gain experience in this field do not started on large scale.
Enhance the taste of your biryani and used good quality ingredients so more and more
customers buy your biryani.

have to buy 10 kg of fine quality rice, 10 kg chicken and all the remaining
ingredients like ghee/oil, vegetables,  spices (masalay). All the things
will cost 5000 rupees.


1 plate= Rs.100

90 Plates*100= Rs 9000

So, the total sale will be 9000, and
the total cost will be 5000 approximately.

Profit: Sale – Cost

Profit 9000-5000

Profit: Rs. 4000

Take above 200 for salad, and you
will end up having a net profit of 4000 per day. If you make a 10 kg rice
biryani, so you can sale up to 100 Plates. Full biryani plate price will be
160. Your sale depends on your taste and your taste attracts the customers.


you start business from your home then it is very good because if your business
doesn’t grow, you won’t lose much. Anyways you can start biryani business from
your home and after prepare it you need to go any crowded place like school,
college, offices, malls, or railway station place which is close to you with
the help of cart, car which is easily affordable. Try not to open your shop
next to any restaurant that is already very busy. Location is a very crucial
aspect of any new food business. Choose the location very carefully. If you are
making biryani at home then you can offer the service without paying.

 Important tips:

  • Marketing is one of the most important step because it
    helps you to attract more customers and get quick and high sale. You can
    also do online marketing by building your website. Pamphlets can be
    distributed from home to home.
  • Cleanliness is essential to the success of the food
    business. People always like to eat clean things. People taking special
    care of their health nowadays therefore they are very careful when they
    come to eat.
  • Design a unique menu card in which you are offering
    additional things with biryani like raita, salad, shami kebab and cold
    drinks with their prices.
  • Choose a special name and logo for your biryani
    business for becoming a distinct identity in the market.
  • The startup prices should be reasonable as soon as your
    business grow you can increase your prices. If you keep the price high at
    the beginning, then the customer will be less and you will get less
  • You have to use good quality rice, spices and oil/ghee.
    Also use fresh meat(chicken, beef, mutton).
  • If you don’t know how to make delicious biryani so you
    need to hire an expert biryani cook because every food business is totally
    depends on its taste. If you want to make your own biryani then youtube is
    the best platform where you can learn different biryani recipes free of



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