Button Making Business Plan

button making

How to start button making

Button making business is an all-season business. They are
nothing new item in our country. Buttons have been made here for hundreds of
years. Not only men but also women living in small towns can start this
business. Its making process is relatively simple.


Nowadays, people are looking for such a business that can be started with less capital so
that the risk of loss in business is minimized.
In this
article we are going to tell you about button making business. You can start
this business with low capital and can earn a lot of profit with a little

This is a profitable business option.



You can start your own home-based business. And when your business starts to grow, you can buy or rent a shop. They 
are still made with natural products but it takes a lot of hard work. Today,
however, plastic buttons have caused quite a stir. This industry has
grown rapidly. Textile industry used this item in large quantity. But still the
demand for buttons made of natural things did not decrease. Plastic buttons
deteriorate quickly. We are writing here about this business that are
used in coats, paints and shirts and they have two or four holes in it.






Flat Buttons.



Shank Buttons.



Stud Buttons.



Toggle Buttons.



Decorative Buttons.






Required machinery for button making:



  • ·       
    Plastic sheet cutting
  • ·       
    Drill machine
  • ·       
    Hole master machine
  • ·       
    Designing and shaping
  • ·       
    Wooden polishing drum
  • ·       
    Electric motor


Cutting the sheets:



Before making buttons of brass, etc
small sheets are cut from their big sheets. The strap is cut so stealthily that
all the buttons can be made from the body. The help of machine is used for this
work. This machine runs on horsepower. This is 3000 cycles per minute



Cutting the blanks:



When you have cut the strips, the
round circles of the buttons are cut from this strip. Put the strip on the
machine and run the machine so a circle is cut. Keep moving the strip forward
and cutting the round strips. The machine runs at 1/4 horse power. This is 3000
cycles per minute. Its weight nearly about 40 kg.






Two or four holes are made in the
prepared buttons as required. A special type of drilling machine is used to
drill holes in the buttons. You can drill 15 holes in a minute with drilling






After making the buttons, they
are polished. So that they shine like glass. A light machine with one or two
barrels is used for this purpose.



Pants button making:



Pants buttons are mostly made of
tin or aluminum sheet. Special machine screw press are used to make them. With
the help of this machine you can make two hundred to four hundred buttons in an



Fabric on buttons:



Button vendors in cities and
towns also have a button clothing machine. Tailors and other people take the
cloth of their choice to them. And these guys put the cloth on the button
through this machine. These buttons are used in children’s suits and blouse. These
buttons look beautiful because of clothes. Button cloth sewing machine is cheap.
You can buy it easily



Cost and infrastructure:



You could start your own
home-based business with very little investment. To make buttons you will need
a button making machine and raw materials. And as soon as you start making a
profit, you can have a variety of button making machines. Minimum cost of
button making machine is $ 280. The price of a button depends on its size. The
two-inch button costs $0.115. The 1.5 button is usually the most popular in
the market. It costs to make
$0.0975. The cost of
materials to make 100 buttons would be around about $16.00.The cost
of promotion and marketing also included.






The market for buttons includes schools, boutique businesses,
fashion and design industry and all kinds of garments, and it’s also very easy
to handle small custom orders for individuals. You can also give business
cards, fliers and other materials to local businesses.
Placing regular small display ads in local newspapers. You can also
contact tailors of your area and give samples.
Produce quality products because people prefer high quality
You can promote your product by handing out or mailing fliers
and brochures to likely customers. Textile industry is your major client in
this business.








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