“Illuminating Success: Power-Packed Candle Making Business Plan”

Candle making business idea:

Candle making is a very easy job. Children, old, young, women and men all can make candles at home. Candles business is some of the fastest growing small business in the country. Candles play an important role in our daily lives because in many ceremonies and parties whether it is religious or not, they are used for decorative purposes. You can earn the best profit by selling different types of candles. Candle making takes place in almost every country in the world. People are generally more interested in buying standard homemade items.


In this article we are going to tell you about home based
candle making business with less investment saving money on
expenses like rent etc.
Hopefully we will all the
aspects of candle making business in this article.


  • Beeswax
  • Soy wax
  • Paraffin
  • Wicks
  • Gel
  • Color
  • Fragrance
  • Molds and containers
  • Thermometer





Paraffin is the most popular wax used in candle making.
Mostly beginners used this wax because it is cheap and easily scented. Soy wax
is made from soybeans and it’s becoming increasingly popular. Beeswax is
natural and it has the air purifying quality. Beeswax has the lovely scent.





Costs to Start a Candle Making

One of the major benefits of starting this
business is that you can start with very little capital. And then gradually you
can increase your work and make a reasonable profit. If you start this business from home then the
startup cost would be $ 1,000. Per
candle will cost at least $3 and you can sell it $9 or more according to your

Scented candles:

If you want to make scented candles so before
putting the wax into the molds put any synthetic perfume into the molds.

You can also add peppermint oil as a
fragrance or any other perfume as you would like the most. Peppermint oil is an
antiseptic fragrance.
Mosquitoes stay
away when the candle is on.
You can add
sandal oil in the wax for a good scent.

Thread for the candle:

Simple thread used in making candles which is
without maya.
No chemicals
should be applied to the threads otherwise the light will flicker.
The thread should be thin and not thick.
You can also make thread at home for
making candles.

Candle making:


Paraffin wax

60 parts

Stearic acid

40 parts




Paraffin wax

50 parts

Bee wax

10 parts

Stearic acid

40 parts




Paraffin wax

20 parts

Zinc oxide(good quality)

2 parts

Stearic acid

5 parts

White oil

5 parts


Price and

The cost of making good quality candle is $3.You can sell it up to $9 or more. You can
charge twice what your cost per candle.
The great advantage of starting this business is that you can start it
with less money without any specific labor. The profit margin will be 50%-70%.


To market your business, you need to choose the specific
brand name of your product. So that it can become a distinct identity in the
market. Promote your product through social media channels like facebook,  instagram, Twitter etc. You can sell your
product at local events, exhibitions, farewells.
Find near local craft shows and gift shops that
are who can buy your product from you.

The next thing is to start selling is from your
own website. Make your website to promote your product and grab large number of

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