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feedback methods

Feedback methods for team members:

Feedback methods are very essential for individuals and for all teams, well because people want to know how well they are doing or where they can improve on. If you are a Manager or a Leader, who leads a team, then part of your role is to give feedback. Now in the industry there are many managers and leaders, who fail to do that, in fact there, are many managers, who do not give any feedback’s at all. So do not dread people, we are going to help you with some tips that would help you to give feedback.

The first tip of feedback methods is to be discussed is leave the negatives at the door. Well, remember people that feedback’s are not criticism. You cannot act like a big wild cat; wish’s all ready to pounce on their team members, which are wrong. Well, it’s very easy to fall in the trap, where you can only point out the negative points. But always remember that people do right things more than doing the wrong things at the work place.

So it’s important for you to notice these positive things. Positive things like people hitting sales targets, someone who deals with an angry customer fantastically or even hitting the deadlines. So always appreciate the good work. Now when it comes to something negative, when a person does something wrong, of course reaction is important. But you cannot end up using threatening negative language. You need to choose your words correctly, so always remember to keep your negative words away.  Always try to use the positive ones in order to give a good feedback.

So the next thing of feedback methods is that you need to keep in mind, you need to be specific. Now giving it effectively is a skill and when you do it the right way with right intention, you would see the difference. Now people or your team members want to know the things that they are doing well. They want to know, what are the things that they are doing not very well. So you need to be specific, when you give a response to them. Of course there are people who are very judgmental, you as a leader cannot be judgmental. You need to observe specific behavior of the employee and mention it to him or her. 

For example you can’t end up walking to your team member and say that you have lousy people skills, that’s incorrect. That’s definitely not an effective way of giving a feedback or what you can do is give an example. Now probably that team member of yours behaved in a very aggressive way with one of your clients. You definitely don’t appreciate that, and you want to give that feedback to him or her. So please be specific, mention that you noticed.

The next thing is, you need to be quick. Well, sooner you give the feedback, the better. You don’t have to wait for an appraisal or for a meeting to take place in order to give a feedback. Any certain behavior that you observe or any event that has taken place, well grab that opportunity and give a feedback. Well, you give a feedback today and then the next feedback methods that you give is ten months later. No that’s not going to work, well timely responses are essential. Your thoughts and suggestions matter the most to all the employees in order to attain success. 

Well the last tip that I would like to share with you is an actionable feedback, firstly always give a feedback that can be acted upon. Now there are some employees who just don’t care. So why waste your time. You have to give the kind of opinion that can be acted upon. Also make sure that the feedback methods is taken in a very positive manner. Now there are certain employees, who just don’t like to take feedback’s. So you have to make sure as a leader, whether they have understood and taken the feedback in a positive way.

And then the last thing is that you need to give them an opportunity to talk about, what they think about this issue. Because even what their opinion is, it will matter for you. It will help you to work on giving better feedback’s to other team members of yours. 


Feedback methods are  always going to be a challenge for you. You can enhance your performance by using these tips that I have helped with you. Please do follow these tips the next time you have to give a feedback to someone till then you take care. 

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