How to start hair oil manufacturing business

Hair oil business:

Hair oil is essential for the protection and nourishment of hair scalp. If oil is not applied to the scalp, hair growth will be reduced, there will be dryness in the head which will cause a lot of damage. The hair of the head will start falling out and on the other hand, the brain is badly affected due to dryness. Just as we need other things for life, so oil is an important item of life. Oil is not only used to moisturize the hair but also to do great things. Different types of oils are also consumed instead of ghee. 


You could start your own hair oil
business tomorrow with very little startup cost. Hair oil are in huge demand in
the market so you can make a good profit by providing quality hair oil products.


are many types of hair oil available in the market like;

  • Mustard oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Almond oil
  • Castor oil
  • Lavender oil

 Mustard oil:

Mustard oil is widely used in
every home. It’s too thick due to which it freezes in the roots of the hair. It
plays a very important role in hair growth. Mustard oil also used as cooking
oil in many homes. It is made from mustard seeds. It is most in demand in the
market. You can make a lot of money by investing in this business.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil has the ability to lengthen
hair. It freezes in the winter this defect can be removed by mixing White oil.
It gives a very strong coconut flavor. Using it can make your hair grow
indefinitely. Women use this oil a lot. This oil use also gives strength to the

Castor oil:

This oil lengthens and softens
hair and removes baldness. This oil is very thick and makes the hair sticky.
Therefore, it is not preferred alone. Castor oil is diluted by mixing the best
type of white oil in it. This oil is widely used in western countries. It is
used in case of severe constipation. It is also widely used in laundry and bath
soaps. Castor oil business can give you a reasonable profit.

Olive oil:

It is the most expensive oil sold
in the market which is really the best way to make hair long and shiny. This
oil does not contain bad odor. Mostly rich people and lovers of Western culture and fashion love olive oil.

Almond oil:

Very much beneficial oil for
mental weakness and hair growth. Because it is so expensive, its sales are very
low. The amount in almonds is 25%-30%. Oil is extracted with the help of
lubricating machines. This oil relieves dryness of stomach and intestines. Its
health benefits are enormous.

Required skills for hair oil business:

You will not require any specific
skills to start hair oil  business. Only the capital is required, the rest work will
be done through machines and labor.

Cost and required

You do not need much money to
start this business. You can start with a minimum investment of $3500. With
this capital you can meet your considerable needs. You can expect to keep a profit margin between 30% to 40%.When
your business start growing then you can invest more to make a profit. Urban
area locations would be ideal for this business where easy access to the raw
material required for this business. You would need an
area of not more than 300 sq. ft. Two skilled workers required to run
small scale business.

Required machinery:

  • ·       
    Mixing tank
  • ·       
    Filling machine
  • ·       
    Sealing machine
  • ·       
    Bottle washer
  • ·       
    Dryer filler press
  • ·       
    Weighing scale

How to mix perfume in oil:

If perfume is added to the oil,
it disappears after a few days. Therefore these drugs are used to make the fragrance
durable which holds the scent. Incense is considered the best for this purpose.
Most people use sandal oil for this purpose. Sandal oil because it is heavy and
settles in the oil layer. To dissolve it well, add double of jasmine oil. The
oil you use to make perfume is very clean and odorless. First dissolve the
color in a little oil then mix in all the oil. Aroma is found in the oil when
it is cold. Never mix it in hot oil.

Oil to make hair long and

Coconut oil

60 gram

Liquid paraffin

60 gram

Almond oil

30 gram

Clove oil 

6 ounce

Castor oil

60 gram


30 gram

Cinnamon oil

6 ounce

 Marketing plan:

You have a great marketing plan
to promote your business. In the beginning  give free samples of your
product. The use of social media for better marketing is necessary, like
facebook and instagram. Distribute the pamphlets in which the benefits of
products are listed. You can also go to different salons and give your
product‘s samples. You can also sell your product by contacting wholesale
dealers and distributors in the market. Hair oil bottle packing should be nice
and clean and it should have oil features printed on it.

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