“Mastering the Art of Starting a Flavorful Pickle Business in Pakistan: Challenges and Triumphs Await!”

Pickle business:

You can start your own home-based pickle business with very little startup cost. Its demand is always in the market, so there is immense potential for this business to run. If your customers like it once, then your business will grow very fast.

Pickle/achaar is a product that is available in every household in Pakistan, the use of achaar in Pakistan is much more than the possibility of running Pickle business, not the possibility of running. The most important part of this business is the pickle making method. If your accent is made in a good and tasty way then you can make your mark in the audience.

your own recipe:

most important thing for pickle business is to develop own your recipe. A
good recipe can take your business to new heights. A good recipe can lure a
customer to buy your achaar. The customer will buy your product when they have a
different taste in your product which is not available anywhere else in the
market. If you are looking for a market that is in demand, then your business
will do well.

required for pickle business:

dishes, jars and some packing material will also be needed to make the pickles.

  •         Sabziyaan(vegetables)                            50-100 kg
  •         Oil(sarso oil)                                           
    50-100 litres
  •         Sirka(vinegar)                                          20-30 litres
  •         Masale(quantity)                                    20-30 kg
  •         Equipment (jars,cutting material)       50 jars
  •         Packing machine/material                   One machine
  •         Pots
  •        Weighing scale
  •         Pickle mixer


aam(Mango) and neembu(lemon)
 are more
sold or used. In addition to this you can make gobhi, karela, amla, adrak(ginger)
, mirchi(green chilli) , gajar(carrot) ,lehsun(garlic), Lasora, mixed, and many
other types of achar. Meetha achar and murrabbe can also be done. Depending on
the season, different achars are also preferred in the market. You can also
earn good money by making seasonal treats.


deciding the recipe comes the next step to choose location. If you wish, you
can start a pickle business at home. But keep in mind that there is no space in
the house and there is an open area like rooftop (chhat) area to dry the achar.
If you do not want to do business from home then you can take it somewhere or
buy it.

the name:

the name of pickle business after finalize the location. This step is important because the
name always appears on your registration certificate and packing. The name
should be short so that people can easily ask for it in the shop.

and infrastructure:

You can start pickle business  while sitting at home, for which there
is minimal interest. It will cost Rs.20,000-40,000. If you are starting from small scale then you do not need to do much. Raw material like vegetables, oil,
spices etc. Keep stock always. Before you start a business, you will have to
deal with a local marketer in a wholesale market so that you do not run out of
stock of your vegetables and you get the vegetables cheaply. When taking stock,
make sure you take as much stock as you can pickle, vegetables or pickles.


pricing of your product is also very important. You need to keep in mind that
your cost will be covered and the price will not be too high for the customer.
Because you have a new pickle business, you need to outperform the rest of the
existing competitors in order to convince the customer to buy your letter
because of its low price.


you will invest 30,000-50,000 in your pickle business including cost and marketing
then the profit margin will be around 30%-40%.This means you can get the profit
nearly around 10,000-20,000 in the starting.After gaining the success in the
business you can get profit around 30,000-50,000  every month.So it means annually you can earn
the profit up to  RS.4,00,000-7,00,000

of pickle:

packing is very important to take it to market. If the pickle is not stored
properly, there is a risk of spoilage. The pickles have to be kept in hygienic
packaging so that they last a long time and the customer does not smell
anything. The packaging should be such that it satisfies the customer and contains
accurate and natural information.

Pickle packing machine: 

you are running a small scale pickle business then you do not need a pickle
machine, you just need a pouch sealing machine which can fetch up to 1000-5000.
But if you want to do medium or large scale business then you will need
automatic packing machine. Which prices starts from one lac. You can order it
online from Amazon or from your city’s wholesale electronics market.


matter how small or big business is, it is very important to have good
marketing of that business to move it forward. Here are some ways in which
having a business based on your business can help you reach as many people as

  •       You can give free samples of pickles to your
    customers. If they like it, they will definitely buy your pickle.
  •      Newspaper and pamphlets can help you market your pickle business well in your local area.
  •    You have to write all the necessary things on
    your packing so that your customers can use your pickles without any fuss.
  •       In addition you can market your business by
    offering discounts, festival offers and buy one to one offers for retail
    shoppers and customers.
  •       Market on social media like Facebook, Instagram,
    WhatsApp etc.
  •      Google My Business is a free tool from Google
    that lets you list your business on Google.

business is one of the best low cost businesses and there’s also a fairly high
demand for a successful business. So it would not be wrong to say that this
business can be quite a demand for you in this day and age. You can convert
from a small scale business to a medium or large scale business.



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