“Crafting Sweet Success: The Art of Launching Your Jam Making Business”

jam making business idea
You can start small jam making business from your home kitchen and
make a good earning by selling all these homemade items. Jam making business is a profitable business as one can start this on a small scale with low
investment.  These homemade products
 are healthier
and hygienic items that are available in the market consisting of artificial
colors, flavors and preservatives. It is also available in many different
fruity flavors like apple, orange, mango, mixed fruit and pineapple, etc. You
have to make different flavors of jams to grab customers. The market for jams and
preserves is strong, growing and provides various opportunities for new beginners.
You can start this business from your home with proper planning and strategy.

Required skills for jam making business:

You need to know the techniques of jam making business safely packing jams and other preserves when you
are starting a jam business from home. You have to learn them in many online
companies, different local canneries who are offering courses on preserving
foods to the help of the people. It is also helpful to have good people skills.
You need to connect with people. This will help you in developing good
relationships with individual customers and wholesale purchasers.

Fruits for jam making business:


should be fresh and juicy. You can make jam from almost all types of fruit like;

·      Apple
Sour berries
·              Grapes
·        Mango
·        Kumquats
·        Pears


Raw materials required for the making are different fruits like mango, apple, orange, guava, carrot, and
banana. You need to purchase fresh fruits from the market or the farmers. The
others include sugar, citric acid, preservatives, food grade colors, chemicals,
flavors, common salt etc.
Required Equipment For Jam Making Business:
For a small scale business, you will
need to have the following equipment.
  • Cutters
    and graters
  • Cap
    Sealing Machine
  • Carton Sealing Machine
  • Weighing scale
  • Glassware
  • Storage racks
  • Juice
  • Mixer/Grinder
  • Pulper


Making process:

Firstly you have to wash the fruits in
water and take away the skins. Once peeling, cut or slice them into little pieces.
And then, boil these pieces into water. Add an applicable amount of sugar with
the pulp. When the temperature is around 60 C; acid, color, essence etc. are
added. This mixture is then stirred for a minute, cooled and packed in bottles.

Ongoing expenses:


ongoing expenses for a jam making business are comparatively low. You should purchase
jars, fruit, and pectin, and have to pay the electricity or gas used once
making ready jam. The other expenses include the cost of   delivering jams to customers, however this
price is typically designed into the worth that customers are charged.

The supplies that business owners need
  • Juice extractor: $40
  • Fruit slicer: $15
  • Mixer/grinder: $100
  • Pulper: $35
  • Jars: roughly $1 per jar in bulk
  • Pectin: $3 per box
  • Fruit: $1-5 per pound
  • Sugar: $20 per 50 pound bag
  • Additives


Fix Price:


You need to fix a price for your product that should be reasonable and also makes you to earn profit. Initially you should keep the price of your jams to the lowest (after considering the cost of ingredients, labor charges, packaging cost, etc.) as compare to the other available options in the market. People will buy more your product because of the lower price.

Target market:


is the breakfast table item,
and is mostly used as a spread over the bread. They have a great demand in
household and also in the bakeries. You need to conduct a test among the people
that which type of tastes they liked the most in jam. It helps you in making
your product better and different from others to grab customers in short time.
can supply your product in different restaurants because it is a breakfast item
and to bakeries. You can also supply your product to local grocery stores A jam
business’s ideal client may be a local business that frequently uses jam.

These businesses will
place orders on regular basis, and this will give you with a stable income.
 Such a business won’t pay
retail costs for jams. A business can, however, place regular orders that may
offer stable financial gain.

Commercial scaling:


Jam making business is one of the
easiest businesses you can begin in the food industry; moreover, this business offers
many other operations from same unit to enhance the profitability. Thus, you can
also produce pickles and sauce from jam making unit also.
You can sell your product at small shop
along his/her house as retailer. You can also supply it in whole sale market
and retail shops in nearby town/city. If your own transport is not available,
then you can arrange other transport like which vans can be used to transport
in the beginning of enterprise

Obtain permit and license:


must contact the health department to obtain necessary permits and licenses to
run your jam making business.

Print nutritional information:

have to print the nutritional information on the product labels as required. There
are exceptions to the current demand dependent of things like the size of the
operation. Additionally embody your product name, manufacturer’s name and
address, product weight and list of ingredients by weight.

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