“Mineral Water Plant Business: Quenching Thirst and Sustainability”

Mineral Water Plant business is a profitable business that you’ll begin with low investment. Mineral water is basically pure form of hydrogen and oxygen equipped with the presence of minerals. To make it normal mineral water the appropriate
treatments are given to the water. The demand for drinking mineral water is
growing exponentially altogether cities and towns that may be an evergreen




The mineral water business has exceptional growth within the
last six year. There are thousands of small-scale mineral water suppliers
within the market. Water bottles are typically available totally in different variety
according to water content in it. Mineral
water is simpler to sell. A  small-scale mineral water plant may be a
profitable business for those people who needs to begin small-scale business.



Water Production:



Many people assume “Is Mineral water plant business profitable”. Drinking water bottles are in constant demand in hotels, marriages, parties,
offices and little gathering etc. There are several  manufactures
 brands within the market nowadays, still
there’s abundant scope to line up your  business. Its production is one among the simplest water based mostly business to begin
with moderate investment.




Source of raw water for plant:

First of all you’ll decide
concerning the supply of raw water that you simply will use within the
production of mineral water. The supply of water is boring well, municipal
provide, or alternative sources during which remedy is feasible.




Storage of raw water:



The following method is to keep raw water in a raw water tank
with the assistance of a pumping system. A submersible pump might be used in
case of bore well water.



space for plant:



Selection of the space may be a vital task in each business,
the area with minimum 1000 sq ft. is needed for  Plant. You can
slit the producing space into 2 elements one is for the machinery and process
of water; another is to store the raw materials also as processed mineral water
bottle. While choosing the area for the business certify that the location is
well accessible to the target market and also the most vital is that the area location
should have enough supply of water and energy supply.

Raw material for mineral water plant business:



The basic material needed for  producing it
is, of course, Raw Water which can simply obtainable from the natural resources
of water or from the municipal corporation water supply line. Other raw
materials needed for the drinking water Plant manufacturing is:


















Required Machinery:

You can start this business with low investment machines,
which is able to assist you within the filter and its packaging.


Machinery Name

Purification Capacity


bottle/min Automatic Mineral Water Plant


5 lac



Purification method:



Collect the raw water into the tank, and then specific the
amount of water is pumped into the above tank wherever water is dozed with alum
for natural process with serious metals or insoluble matters. Enable water to settle
for an hour, currently you’ll be able to take away the impurities present in
water with the assistance of diffusion technique. The refined water is transfer
into the chlorination tank wherever primary disinfection is caused .After the chlorine
gas process water is gone through the sand water filters wherever filters
entice the unmelted impurities once undissolved water
is gone through the small filters for terminal medical care. Small filters
having a comprising series of five microns, one metric linear unit and
zero.4-micron filter followed by ultraviolet medical care system.






The process is gone through a bottle filling machine
where water is filled into the bottles, then bottles more send to the capping
machine wherever caps are fitted on the bottle with gas generator or shrink







After passing through all the processes the mineral water is
prepared to drink, Mineral water has to pack for transportation and commercialism.
Finally, bottles are filled with corrugated boxes, one corrugated box contains one dozen



for the Business:



Before stating this business you want to
acquire the certification and licenses from government authority, the license
and certification needed for business is could vary with the government; you
will begin the small to medium mineral water Plant business. If you’re
beginning this mineral water Plant business in concert one Person Company, then
you have got to register your firm as a ownership.






A Mineral water plant business  is something which will be simply
established provided you have got a good business plan. The entire output of
your plant can depend upon number of hours you’ll work. Mineral water plant
gross margin you’ll be able to expect from little bottles is around 20% and for the large bottles it is around
Thus, we can say, the common profit margin that you just will expect
from your small-scale mineral water plant would be 35% to 40%.



delivery services:



Mineral water is one in all the invasive business. Mineral
water business becoming widespread and profitable these days. Man can lead a healthy
life by drinking clean water
. Pure and hygienic mineral water is in a lot
of demand at residential furthermore as commercial places. You’ll be able to
provide refillable water cans to them.



and selling:



As the demand of mineral water is increasing, you have got
to capture the market and begin promoting your brand as soon as you begin
production. Embody selling expenses in your business plan and use it accordingly.



People are tuned in to the non-public hygiene and health,
therefore, the consume the drinking mineral water you only need to provide them
clean and hygiene mineral water and tell them regarding your brand through the
social media marketing and with the assistance of alternative marketing


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