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Paper bags:

Since plastic bags are banned, demand for paper bags has increased in the market. Paper bags from small shops, to hospitals, grocery stores, food outlets, Gift shops, shopping malls, are even used as easy it is to manufacture paper bag. These paper bags are made
from a variety of papers that differ in their quality, texture, color, and print. These bags look attractive are Eco-friendly as well. They are usually used in packaging, as sacks, or as shopping bags.

Paper bags manufacturing business plan

 Profit margin:

Today, we’ll discuss about the growth of paper bag making machine. If we talk about it’s profit margin, that how much profit you can get from this machine so the profit margin you can earn upon 1 Kg currently is Rs.10-20 and you can earn this on 1 Kg paper bag, so if we talk about 8 hours, Consider Rs.15/Kg margin, then about Rs. 7.5K- 8K, you can earn in a day.

If we talk about month then margin fluctuates between Rs. 2.25 to Rs. 2.5 Lacs. It can increase also decrease a little, it depends, if you want to increase it Then you can increase the production And if you want to reduce it, then it depends upon you, it can fluctuate a bit.

You can get paper bag ready in Rs. 35/Kg as per that in an hour’s manufacturing. You can earn gross profit of Rs.500-600.  Now let’s look at the entire process of making paper bag first, the paper roll is loaded in the machine then in the machine, on control panel present the setting needs to be set like what would be the size of paper bags, as per that speed of cutter is decided.

After which, when the machine is started, the paper folds, moves forward after that machine can do sticking printing automatically with the help of this process in an hour approx. 7K to 7.5K paper bags, you can make.  

Printing Machines For Paper Bags:

You can provide it much cheaper than that it’s a procedure, in which you can help customers, to target which country and how to further plan? You can even take online classes, about export. If you are thinking of starting paper bag manufacturing business Then how much overall investment would be required to do this business? Along with that how much profit you can earn from this business.

Paper bag machines are available in three size to which you can as per your business scale, bag size which you  Want to manufacture, according to that you can choose Other than that if you want to print on the paper bag.

There are three types of printing machines are available in the market

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Offset Printing
  3. Flexography Printing

Which you can purchase according to your budget and with the help of which according to the demand of the customer, you can get the design or logo printed Paper bag machine is available in the market in about Rs. 5-10 Lacs. The cost of printing machine is about  Rs. 1-10 Lacs which you can purchase as per your budget.

Material Required:

If we talk about the production, with the help of this machine you can With 60 Kg paper roll you can make 7000 paper bags in an hour only which means, with 1 Kg raw material you can get about 125 paper bags. To make paper bags along with paper roll, glue printing ink would be required. let’s talk about paper roll to make paper bag you can use brown craft paper, white craft paper Or butter paper can be used whose market cost as per the Kg is about  Rs.25-40/Kg. This paper is available as per different GSM, in the market.

To make paper bag you would require paper bag as well in the market you can find this glue in different quality. If you purchase paper bag machine along with the printing then you would require printing ink as well with the help of which in paper bag logo, anything else can also be printed glue. Ink’s total cost according to per Kg. 5 Paper bags’ market cost depends upon the size, quality, GSM which is from Rs.40 to Rs 50 per Kg.


Paper making is a small scale business, it will not require much labor. You would just require 2-3 manpower in which one operator, two unskilled labors can be included.


You can even further export them there are many countries, if we talk about the entire Africa, Almost all the countries have banned plastic bags be it Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mauritania, Zambia, Uganda, You take any country, all have banned plastic bags. It’s a
punishable offense to use plastic bags. You can make paper bags instead of plastic bags. If we talk about the entire world then machines are made in limited countries. Those are India, China in European Countries.

Once the paper bags are ready, you need put eyelets, with eyelet punching machine. Thread has to be knotted after which you can pack these paper bags, either in KG or per piece. You can sell in the market. To start this business you can even take loan from banks in different schemes. To start this business on micro or small scale you would require about 450-500 Sqft. area.

Before starting any business marketing is required. So before starting your business you can do a market research.  You can also do online marketing of your business for promoting your business on large scale.


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