A Dynamic Pasta Manufacturing Business Plan”

In this blog post we will talk about macaroni, which people also call Pasta. In the market pasta is available in different shapes and due to their different shapes, they also have different names.  Today in every grocery store, restaurant, even is served in small food outlets. People like it very much.

Today in the market keeping health benefits in the mind, wheat pasta we also get to see in view of the increasing demand of people. Due to globalization, in all over the world the trend of cuisines food from other countries is also increasing. One such Italian dish is pasta, which is becoming quite popular among children and young generation. Therefore its demand is also increasing a lot; there are 3 main reasons for this;

  1. It can be easily cooked in less time
  2. It is tasty to eat
  3. By adding any kind of vegetables to it, it can be made nutritious.

Pasta manufacturing business plan
Pasta manufacturing business plan

You can also start your own pasta making business. To make it better than other people, you can make its shape, ingredients innovative so that it is unique better than pasta already available in market. Institute for Industrial Development has brought for you today.  The complete plan of pasta making business with the help of which you too can start your entrepreneurship journey.  In the pasta machine, you can make 4 or 5 different types of products in a single machine like pasta is there, macaroni is there spiral, penny, butterfly is there or cell type shape. All those items can be made from the single machine rest we also deal in other machines such as crunchy machine, snack, noodles, and noodle’s automatic machine.

Pasta making machine:

There is multiple roller machine of noddle that also we make pasta  is trending in today’s time. There is a lot of demand in the market, pasta is a healthy product.  To make it, you will get 2 types of machines in the market  first Semi-Automatic the cost of 50 kg per hour capacity’s semi-automatic machine is approx. Rs. 8 Lacs in which batch mixer, macaroni/pasta machine.

Static Dryer are included if you want you can also buy automatic  machine according to your budget. The cost of 100 kg per hour capacity’s automatic pasta machine is approx. Rs 24 Lacs in which screw conveyor, online mixer, macaroni pasta machine vibrio feeder static dryer are included.

According to your budget you can also start this business from any scale after which you can increase it. The cost of machinery also depends on its capacity. With the help of packaging machine,  you can make small packets of macaroni or pasta sell them in the market If you want you can also do this process manually Investment.

To start this business with the help of semi-automatic machine you will be required approx. Rs. 5 Lacs of working capital. To start this business with an automatic machine you will require approx. Rs. 15 – 20 Lacs of working capital Profitability.

Required raw material:

Usually to make it, only refine flour (maida) or semolina (rava) is needed. Whose whole sale price is around Rs. 25-28 per kg so that by combining the direct indirect cost you can prepare your product in  approx. Rs. 30 -32 per kg which in the market you can supply it according to the wholesale price of approx. Rs. 38-40 per kg. If you produce 100 kg in 1 hour then according to 8 hours shift, you can produce 800 kg per day. According to this you can earn a profit of approx. Rs. 5,500-6000 per day Process.

Pasta making Process:

Let’s know about  making Process First of all, fine flour (maida) or semolina (rava). You have to put it in the machine with the help of hopper. Your raw material depends on the capacity of your machine. For example, some machines have a capacity of 100 kg per hour while some machine has a capacity of 300 or 500 kg per hour.

After which semolina or fine flour with the help of screw conveyor goes to the 12 feet upper made online mixer which is made of stainless steel. The size again depends on the capacity of the machine. In this online mixer we have to add water according to raw material. 

After which 15-20 minutes of mixing, this mixture is poured into the macaroni pasta extrude. You can set the speed of this extruder according to your need control made in the machine.  In the extruder, the shape of pasta or macaroni you want to make, you can change its mold accordingly. After which the prepared macaroni or pasta are collected in vibro feeder.

With the help of this vibro feeder, your prepared pasta or macaroni will not stick to the belt. After which, with the help of a static dryer the macaroni is kept to dry. When the macaroni becomes dry it is packed for sale in the market are.

Required infrastructure:

To start this business you will need about 1000 – 1500 Sqft. area. Apart from this to start this business  you will also be required sufficient amount of electricity, water manpower. To start this business, you will need about  7 to 8 people, in which 2-skilled 2-3 unskilled worker, 1-2 helper, 1 supervisor can be there License. For macaroni making business you need to get license and also you have to take GST number. With a good plan you can also start your entrepreneurship journey


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