Shoe polish manufacturing business plan

Shoe polish manufacturing business plan
Shoe polish manufacturing business plan
Every home needs shoe polish. It is used in every home that’s why boot polish is a big demand of the market. You can start this business with little investment and earn huge profit. This business can be started from a quarter of the house. If good quality polish is prepared and sale in the market only then can the shoe polishing business flourish and demand has grown significantly. Make sure you have the same shoe polish as you would like to have a good shoe polish. Because of the good quality of the goods, the customer will buy more goods. It’s very important to follow the instructions before started any business.                                                               
  • After polishing
    on the shoes leather will shine.
  • The polish
    should not be too thick or too thin.
  • The boot can be
    easily cleaned after polishing.
  • All the
    ingredients in the polish are mixed properly. Color should be same don’t be too
    deep or too light.
  • The color
    should be high standard as customer’s requirement.

Instructions before preparing
the polish:

  • You don’t have
    to mix kerosene oil in your polish. Kerosene oil has caused a great deal of
    damage to shoes leather then the polish becomes useless.
  • Turpentine oil
    used in the making of polish is used four times in winter and twice in summer.
  • The best way to
    make polish is to use a water bath.
  • Adding more oil
    to the polish removes the shine of the shoe leather so use the ingredients
    according to the formula.
  • If due to some
    mistake the oil could not be mixed properly while making polish so the reason
    is that the amount of wax is less and if it hardens, then the amount of
    turpentine oil is less.
  • Do not use a
    wooden stick when making polish this will crack the polish. Mix it in one
    direction until it becomes freeze.
  • Polish making
    pot should be bigger in size. The ingredients in it should be up to half a pot.
  • Always keep
    turpentine oil away from the fire.

Black shoe polish:


    Turpentine oil

400 gram     

     Paraffin wax

200 gram

     Black color

As required


200 gram


200 gram



Mix paraffin and wax with the help of water bath then
separate the fire and mix half of the turpentine oil heat through a water bath.
Now mix the color in the remaining oil. Put this black oil in a wax pot and mix
it properly. Separate from the heat and when it is semi-hot, fill in the polish
boxes. When the polish cools, it will freeze. Close the lid tightly with the
upper coin sheet.


Turpentine oil

15 ounce


5 ounce

        Hot water

½ pound


7 ounce


4o degree


31/2 ounce



Heat the beeswax and carnauba wax in a pot and melt it
through water bath. Then add caustic soda and hot water and mix well. When all
the ingredients are combined then dissolve the turpentine oil into nigrosin and
separate the pot from the stove and add the black color oil. When it is
semi-hot, add into the shoe boxes and turn off with the lids. If you want to
prepare a polish instead of black color so you can use any other color in the
place of nigrosin very high quality boot polish will be ready which will give
the shoes a new glow.

Brown shoe polish:

If you have to prepare brown shoe polish so you can follow
the same formula which has already been mentioned use only brown color instead
of black.

You can start your own home-based business with very little
investment. Or it will give you a very good profit in a short time. If you work
hard and prepare a quality product then your business will be successful soon.


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