Soda water manufacturing business

Soda water small budget business idea:

Soda water appeal to nearly everyone and it is one drink that you can sold in various places. This business doesn’t require too much investment in the beginning. You can start this business with a small amount of capital and make a good profit. If you are thinking of starting this business, we can give you the best guidance about this business.

Popularity of the drink:

Soda Water is the most widely
known item. The growth of Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola industry is a testament to
the popularity of soda water. It sells throughout the year specially in the
summer. They sell in large quantities not only in big cities but also in small
towns. Its real name is “AERATED WATER”.  It is also called Aerated water or carbonate
water because carbon dioxide gas is mixed in its every types. 

Many people say that this drink is
for curious people but this is not true. The truth is that it is also very good
for our health. The carbon dioxide gas in it kills the bacteria and germs
inside the stomach. It helps digest food faster. And also beneficial in stomach


There are many different types of
aerated water but mainly there are three types;


By dissolving soda
bicarbonate in plain type of aerated water and it is made with mixing of carbon
dioxide gas.


It contains certain
types of mineral salts and then carbon dioxide is mixed in it. Drinking this
water feels like we are drinking water from a spring.


        Sweet water is actually a
syrup mixed with carbon dioxide. The essence and color of the fruits are mixed. That’s what they sell
the most.

 Making process:

Many types of soda water sell in the market, like lemonade, ginger
flavored and creamy. A small amount of screen is also added to reduce the cost
of sugar. To keep the taste better small quantity of citric acid of tartic acid
added in it. The name of the fruit to make
Soda water used its essence
to give taste and aroma. When you opened the bottle, foam came out foam
producing chemicals are used for this purpose.


Apart from these other chemicals are also added to in it. With real fruit juice is very expensive. But some people instead of mixing orange juice in it add a chemical called Silver Mist.
The combination of this fades the color of the soda water. And it looks like
the real juice of orange in it.

 Foam producer:

The foam-forming mixture is made
using the formula below;






a gallon


a gallon


Dissolve saponine into distilled
water and then mixed into glacerine. The mixture is poured into a half-drum in
a gallon of syrup.

Adding the gas:

In this industry, machines are
only used to fill gases in bottles. In some automatic machines have such an
arrangement that they put a little syrup in the bottles and put them in the machine.
By rotating the flywheel of the machine in the empty part of the bottles gas
mixed water is filled.


In small machines, these bottles
have to be filled with water by themselves.You have to put them in the machine
and then rotate the machine, so gas is dissolve in the water. These machines
are equipped with a gas cylinder. Gas goes into the bottle through a regulator.

Required equipment:

  • Mixing
    and Blending Units.
  • Storage
  • Sugar
    dissolving machines.
  • Making machine
  • Gas
  • Cork fixing machine

Soda water machine:

Its making requires an updated
and complete machine. In which a modern carburetor automatic filler and
arrangements should be made to install a crown cork. Water enters the chamber
of this machine through a pump which runs through a flywheel. Crown cork
bottles are filled in one place. The crown cork placed on them from which good wealth is produced. A crown cork machine is used to apply onto the bottles. This
machine will be operated with both hands and power.

Cost and profit margin:

You mostly drink this item in
summer and its per-bottle
cost is roughly 25 cents per liter.
If anyone want to start this work
on a small scale the minimum investment required is $ 2,000.
With that much investment you can
get a profit of 40%-50%.You can set up a small or large factory in your city or
town depending on its demand.
If you
sell a can  for $1.00,
then you will make $0.50 per can. The profit margin will be $6
for selling all 12 soda water cans. The minimum cost of its
machine is $ 250


Soda water appeals to almost everyone so it is one drink that can be sold in many
Mostly teenagers like it. Your shop/stall should be in a busy area like cinema, school,
shopping malls, railway stations etc. You can give free samples to the
distributors and wholesaler to promote your business.
Social media can be a great marketing tool like Facebook,
Instagram, blog.
Advertise your  shop/stall
on local travel magazines.You can contact with traveling agencies to refer
their clients to your shop whenever they are traveling. Distribute your shop/stall/bar
fliers and handbills in target areas.



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