“Power-Packed Travel Agency Business Plan: Your Path to Success”

Travel agency is a travel service providing business. Tourism in the world has come a long way every year and
still not enough people can book tickets. Travel agencies are requires for ticket booking and
package booking. If you have ever thought of running your own travel agency business plan, you will find out about travel agency business
plan in this blog.



No technical skills or courses
are required to run a travel agency business. But you have to understand the
consumer’s preference for walking around and communicating so well. The cost of
starting a travel agency business plan is not so high and the profits are also
good. If you are interested in this business seriously then you can go far.



Travel agent:



Travel n Tours has business
connections and networks. Agent means a helper who charges a tax for this
service by providing it further. Many travel services are provided in travel
agencies such as hotels, buses, visas, tourist guides, etc. Most of the  people do not know the culture, rules and
regulations of this place before moving to a new city. In this way travel
agencies provide their support and make the journey of tourists comfortable and
fun. The job of a travel agent is to provide services within the customer’s



How to start a travel agency?



No degree or course is required
to start this business. You can also learn by working part-time. There are also
short term courses for travel and Tourism available. It is important to
understand the trends and customer requirements.



Required location:



You can also start a travel
agency business plan at home with less investment. The travel agent’s earnings
are mostly based on commissions. These are a low cost business model. For this
you have a shop or a house or an office area. It doesn’t matter what size it
is. This business can be run with the support of phone and internet so you
don’t need a specific location where the shop should be. Online store can also
be a good source of revenue.



Travel agency plan:



You will get a franchise from a
company and they will give you a ticket booking portal. They will give you some
commission slabs according to which you get commission. The commission is
calculated according to the number of tickets you book.



The second step is to set up your
own inventory and take charge to provide your service. If you book a train
ticket and charge the customer a little more, you can make a profit.



Travel agency services:



Services can be provided in a
travel agency like, train ticket booking, tourist guide service for foreigners,
Passport visa services, bus booking, airline ticketing, hotel rooms booking,
cab taxi booking service, money transfer.



Online air ticket:



You must have a global
distribution system to book air tickets online. You can book tickets directly
from the airline’s website. If you have a good network and a lead comes to you
then you can get it from other agencies and also get your commission for that
lead transfer.



A travel agent should know all
the tourist spots in the area which is most operational and giving a complete
city guide to his customers will have a good impression.



Cost and infrastructure:



How much will it cost to start a
travel agency business and what will it take? 






Rent-Rs. 10000-15000

2. Laptop or desktop


3. Website 


4. Internet connection


5. Printer


6. Inverter


7. Visiting card


9. Shop Board

800 per square feet

8. Furniture

 ( Table, chairs)









Registration required:



To start a travel agency, you
need to get some of the necessary licenses. You must register a company.
Whether you Pvt Ltd. Registration is very important so you can charge your
customers when you book their tickets. It has the advantage of reaching out to
the agency and increasing its overall value. The agency’s authority grows and
foreign clients’ trust grows.



Profit margin:



Travel agency earnings are
commission based. Some charges may be levied for your time and service. You may
be charged for your time and service. If your B2B is associated with a company
then you have to pay for each ticket or a certain no. of tickets to be sold.
You are also given targets and the company gives you incentives or offers after
achieving them.

Big travel companies packages
come out and if you sell them you get good commission. As your network and name
grew up, you can easily earn profit up to Rs. 35000-70000 per month.





Facebook ads are the best option
for marketing of travel agency and you can send personalized discount message
on whatsapp with offer to your existing customers. You can make a name for
yourself by sponsoring a college event and later promoting your own post in the
group. Take full advantage of Instagram and post short videos of top ten
beautiful places around the world for spending vocations.



Trips like adventure activities
and camping are very popular among college students, so you can specialize in a
college or even give trips to your employees. There are enough travel platforms
now and you can stay active and support your stories and travel hacks.



We hope you have found out
more about travel agency business plans. Travel agency is a great model in
which the more customer satisfaction you focus on, the more clients will come
to you and your business will grow.








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